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Friday, June 2, 2017

Of Honesty, Integrity, and the TRUTH

As I reflect on the final weekend of the primary campaign season, I am struck by the number of evasions, omissions, and half-truths, and downright lies that I have seen in some of the campaign literature sent out by Tracey Brown and her Republican team of John Campbell and Danny Dunn. I must say, though, it doesn't surprise me. Last year, when I was running for (and won) the open Citywide At-large seat on the city council, which was then being held by Tracey Brown, she put out the same type of negative mailing about me. After the election, some of her supporters came to the next council meeting to speak about how she should be proud to have run a "clean" and positive campaign. I have a different view--perhaps her supporters did not view the extremely negative mailer that Brown herself put out about me. So, here is what Tracey sent to Plainfield voters about me, along with the truth, point by point.

Further, the  deliberate obfuscation about her campaign workers not spreading the malicious libels about Mayor Mapp is truly unsettling. Even as she was inside the League forum saying she "had nothing to do with that," her campaign worker, Danny Dunn, was outside the forum distributing her fliers. This is the same campaign worker who wrapped the lies about Mayor Mapp into her campaign literature and handed it to a fellow pastor on West 4th Street. Dunn was working for Tracey in front of Hubbard School during last year's primary, literally calling me "the devil." When she showed up, she jokingly chided him as he said it--at no point did she say that he did not represent her and her campaign--nor did she take away his campaign materials or tell him to leave. So, to say that he and other campaign workers did not spread the current nasty, "fake-news" flier on her behalf  just defies credibility.  

And this year, she is basically attempting to run on MY record. At the League of Women Voters forum this week, she mentioned initiatives that she "supported"--THEY WERE INITIATIVES THAT I INTRODUCED, SPONSORED, AND LED, such as the Earned Sick Leave Act. It is sad that she has no legislative accomplishments of her own and instead is running on my legislative record. In her sphere, which is that of the pastoral, she is comfortable. Outside of her sphere, which is municipal governance, she has clearly shown that she is thoroughly unprepared to lead our municipal government, and that she lacks the knowledge even after 4 years of sitting on the council to even answer a straightforward question on PILOTs, development, etc. 

Tracey sat next to me for almost her entire term on the council, and we enjoyed a cordial relationship--I often asked her to pray for family members who were going through very difficult times. For that, I am eternally grateful...but how, then, can she mislead voters? Tracey's calling, as she herself has often expressed, is to preach the gospel of Christ--i.e., to give spiritual guidance to her congregation--the spiritual realm is where she is comfortable. She had the same voting power that I had--why would she write that I was trying to cut resources when that is just untrue? It made me feel sad. 
Our Plainfield community suffered through 8 years of fiscal mismanagement under the previous administration. The other mayoral candidates have offered nothing but empty rhetoric, which has been matched by their zero record of accomplishments while holding elective office. 

However, in the municipal realm, professional, experienced, and capable governance is what we need to continue moving Plainfield forward. 
Tracey Brown truly lacks that.


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