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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Steve Hockaday: Moving Plainfield Forward

Steve Hockaday, Democrat for 4th Ward City Council, chatting with future All-Stars.

Steve with the City Council Team: Rebecca, Charles, Barry, and Joylette

I am endorsing Steve Hockaday for 4th Ward Plainfield City Council. Steve will provide the kind of quality representation that the 4th Ward has been craving for the past 8 years. Steve will be a level-headed, calming presence, bringing a wealth of legal and educational experience to the council table. A true "son of Plainfield," Steve was born and raised in Plainfield's 4th Ward. 
As we have been out walking and talking to voters, many of the residents we met remember Steve growing up, and certainly have fond memories of Steve's dad, who owned the very popular "Steve's Record Shop," back in the day. Steve is a lawyer (Assistant Counsel for Union County) whose focus is on family services, advocating for our youth and for tenants' rights. 

A graduate of Rutgers' Law School (Class of '04), much of Steve's community work has been as a mentor for at-risk and homeless youth. Steve, the Past President of the Garden State Bar Association also helped to develop the "Reach Back As We Climb" Mentorship Program. Steve supports Mayor Mapp's 4th Ward citywide community policing effort, which has created a stronger presence in the 4th Ward, with more cops out on the streets, walking the beats. In addition, the cameras in high-crime areas have led to more efficient policing. The recreation upgrades that Mayor Mapp has initiated in the parks, such as Rushmore and Hannah Atkins, will provide 4th Ward residents of all ages with better leisure enjoyment.

 Steve also supports the mayor's 4th Ward economic development plan, which has already begun to bear fruit, with the expansion of ABC Supply Co. on a formerly blighted area  of S. Second Street, the beginning of Phase Two of the development--brand new quality housing for 4th Ward residents, and with other new commercial development, such as the new Dunkin Donuts franchise, to name just one. Steve supports the new job development focus of the administration, with the training and job fairs that have resulted in full-time, permanent jobs for Plainfielders. I believe that Steve will have the best interests of ALL 4th Ward residents at heart as their representative, along with Councilman Goode (1st and 4th Ward At-large) and myself. Steve will bring conscientiousness, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and expertise, to the 4th Ward council seat.

 On Tuesday, June 6, I urge you to support Steve Hockaday and all the Democrats in COLUMN A. 


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