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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Moving Plainfield Forward: Public Safety

Mayor Mapp's commitment to public safety has resulted in a strong drop in violent crime, and a drop in all crime. Despite those who continue to commit gun violence, Plainfield has become a safer city. Community policing is no longer just a word--it is a fact. All police on patrol walk the beat, interacting with residents as they work to keep us safe. In addition, community policing is now citywide, with daily walks by officers through our neighborhoods and through police-sponsored block parties and barbecues. Since Mayor Mapp came into office just 3 years ago, 20 new police officers have been hired, In addition, this year, another 20 new officers, all Plainfield residents, will be joining the ranks of the PPD. We also have new firefighters, whose bravery we cannot underscore enough. 

Mayor Mapp has worked with Public Safety Director Riley and our Police Division to provide youth mentoring programs, such as the Queen City Mentoring Academy, which was established in 2014, the first year that Mayor Mapp came into office. Last year, 40 young people graduated from the program, which will begin again this summer, with hopes to expand the program to 50 of our youth. 

Plainfield's Municipal Alliance, which operates through the Division of Parks and Recreation, also partners with the PPD for Operation Fuse and Carefree Fridays, programs in which the officers and youth come together for evenings of positive social interaction, group sports and games, and discussions about how to keep our city safe and healthy.

The Mapp Administration has worked hard to engage our young people and our public safety professionals as we all work together to keep PLAINFIELD MOVING FORWARD.

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