The Business of the City: Miscellaneous

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Joylette Mills-Ransome: Moving Plainfield Forward

PDCC Committeewomen Rose Cathcart & Marie Davis

I am endorsing Democratic Councilwoman Joylette Mills-Ransome for the Council At-large for the 2nd and 3rd Wards, the seat I vacated when I became the citywide Councilwoman At-large in January of this year. In her short time, she has already provided quality constituent-based service, chairing the council's Recreation subcommittee, and serving as a member of the Economic Development and Administration & Finance committees, respectively. 

Community-minded residents in Plainfield all know Joylette, who has been a tireless advocate and volunteer in our city for over 40 years. A longtime member of Central Jersey Alumnae, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., Joylette is an earnest and active volunteer at many of her sorority events. She is a Charter Member and Past President (the first to serve 4 years in that office), and has been involved with raising funds for scholarships for high school seniors, developing audiences for areas in the arts, participating in education forums, addressing social action issues that include voter registration and education, human trafficking, letter writing campaigns, participating in World Aids Day programs and providing needed items to children in group homes.  

A devoted member of Shiloh Baptist Church, Joylette remains an enthusiastic volunteer, donating her time and talents to the Lord's Kitchen, the Clothes Closet, and to serving as Executive Director of SHEELD. Joylette recently retired as the Director of Science Education for Newark Public Schools. Even after retiring, Joylette's dedication to the education of children, and especially to STEM-related education, has continued--she has traveled with the People to People Science Education Delegation to exchange ideas with teachers and administrators, and to visit school on all levels. A former Commissioner on the Housing Authority of Plainfield, Joylette completed all of the federally-mandated certification courses and worked diligently to address the concerns of residents and served on the Capital Procurement and Personnel Committees.  
Joylette is also a member of the League of Women Voters of Plainfield, and served as Voter Service Chair, where she coordinated candidate forums and developed and produced the League's Annual Candidate Forum Publication. Joylette's volunteer work includes past service on the Plainfield Board of Education. Joylette's unwavering ethics, her experience, and her passion for helping others will serve our city well. She is committed to helping move Plainfield forward, and I offer my strongest endorsement for her to continue to serve as Councilwoman At-large for the 2nd and 3rd Wards. On Tuesday, June 6, vote for Joylette Mills-Ransome and the entire COLUMN A Team--MOVING PLAINFIELD FORWARD.



Moving Plainfield Forward: Public Safety

Mayor Mapp's commitment to public safety has resulted in a strong drop in violent crime, and a drop in all crime. Despite those who continue to commit gun violence, Plainfield has become a safer city. Community policing is no longer just a word--it is a fact. All police on patrol walk the beat, interacting with residents as they work to keep us safe. In addition, community policing is now citywide, with daily walks by officers through our neighborhoods and through police-sponsored block parties and barbecues. Since Mayor Mapp came into office just 3 years ago, 20 new police officers have been hired, In addition, this year, another 20 new officers, all Plainfield residents, will be joining the ranks of the PPD. We also have new firefighters, whose bravery we cannot underscore enough. 

Mayor Mapp has worked with Public Safety Director Riley and our Police Division to provide youth mentoring programs, such as the Queen City Mentoring Academy, which was established in 2014, the first year that Mayor Mapp came into office. Last year, 40 young people graduated from the program, which will begin again this summer, with hopes to expand the program to 50 of our youth. 

Plainfield's Municipal Alliance, which operates through the Division of Parks and Recreation, also partners with the PPD for Operation Fuse and Carefree Fridays, programs in which the officers and youth come together for evenings of positive social interaction, group sports and games, and discussions about how to keep our city safe and healthy.

The Mapp Administration has worked hard to engage our young people and our public safety professionals as we all work together to keep PLAINFIELD MOVING FORWARD.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Steve Hockaday: Moving Plainfield Forward

Steve Hockaday, Democrat for 4th Ward City Council, chatting with future All-Stars.

Steve with the City Council Team: Rebecca, Charles, Barry, and Joylette

I am endorsing Steve Hockaday for 4th Ward Plainfield City Council. Steve will provide the kind of quality representation that the 4th Ward has been craving for the past 8 years. Steve will be a level-headed, calming presence, bringing a wealth of legal and educational experience to the council table. A true "son of Plainfield," Steve was born and raised in Plainfield's 4th Ward. 
As we have been out walking and talking to voters, many of the residents we met remember Steve growing up, and certainly have fond memories of Steve's dad, who owned the very popular "Steve's Record Shop," back in the day. Steve is a lawyer (Assistant Counsel for Union County) whose focus is on family services, advocating for our youth and for tenants' rights. 

A graduate of Rutgers' Law School (Class of '04), much of Steve's community work has been as a mentor for at-risk and homeless youth. Steve, the Past President of the Garden State Bar Association also helped to develop the "Reach Back As We Climb" Mentorship Program. Steve supports Mayor Mapp's 4th Ward citywide community policing effort, which has created a stronger presence in the 4th Ward, with more cops out on the streets, walking the beats. In addition, the cameras in high-crime areas have led to more efficient policing. The recreation upgrades that Mayor Mapp has initiated in the parks, such as Rushmore and Hannah Atkins, will provide 4th Ward residents of all ages with better leisure enjoyment.

 Steve also supports the mayor's 4th Ward economic development plan, which has already begun to bear fruit, with the expansion of ABC Supply Co. on a formerly blighted area  of S. Second Street, the beginning of Phase Two of the development--brand new quality housing for 4th Ward residents, and with other new commercial development, such as the new Dunkin Donuts franchise, to name just one. Steve supports the new job development focus of the administration, with the training and job fairs that have resulted in full-time, permanent jobs for Plainfielders. I believe that Steve will have the best interests of ALL 4th Ward residents at heart as their representative, along with Councilman Goode (1st and 4th Ward At-large) and myself. Steve will bring conscientiousness, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and expertise, to the 4th Ward council seat.

 On Tuesday, June 6, I urge you to support Steve Hockaday and all the Democrats in COLUMN A. 


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Adrian O. Mapp for Mayor: Moving Plainfield Forward

Mayor Mapp and Union County Freeholder Linda Carter with a new and collaborative City Council body.

I am endorsing Mayor Adrian O. Mapp for re-election, along with his council team (Joylette Mills-Ransome for 2nd and 3rd Ward At-large and Steve Hockaday for 4th Ward). As we are only a few weeks before an election that will determine whether Plainfield moves forward for the next four years, I thought that I would write up my reasons for endorsing Mayor Mapp for another term. The reasons are many, and I am sure that many of you are aware of them, as you have been receiving our message as we have been canvassing the streets of our city, and through social media and campaign mailings. After just three years in office, Mayor Mapp has provided strong, capable, and responsible leadership as Plainfield's chief executive. With the right team in place, we have seen Plainfield grow by leaps and bounds.

Ribbon-cutting at ABC Supply Co. on S. 2nd Street in 4th Ward

The reputation of our city has greatly improved, and our economic development outlook has never been stronger. With over $230 million in new and ongoing development (commercial and residential), Plainfield is moving forward as it never has before. In the 4th Ward, ABC Supply has expanded their operations in a new facility on a formerly blighted property on South Second Street, with new jobs and increased commercial taxes to our city. The second phase of this development, new quality housing for 4th Ward residents, is scheduled to begin this summer. 

4th Ward's Dunkin Donuts

The new Dunkin Donuts on Clinton Avenue has also brought new jobs and economic vitality, as I canvass through the neighborhoods, residents are feeling optimistic about West End development, which had been ignored for too long. And this development is occurring throughout the entire city. I will discuss in future posts more of the specifics of how the mayor has begun to turn our city around. 
I hope you will join me on Tuesday, June 6, and vote for Mayor Adrian O. Mapp and all the COLUMN A Democrats--vote to keep Plainfield Moving Forward.