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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Town Hall on Public Safety: Thursday, Jan. 5 at 7:00 pm at Washington School

Please come out to the Community Town Hall, this Thursday, 1/5, at Washington Community School at 7:00 pm. I urge you to bring your concerns and help our community as we discuss positive solutions. As you are aware, our beloved city of Plainfield has been marked by willful violence over the past year, and especially in this past month. Cowardly individuals would prefer to destroy the lives of others by committing gun violence rather than try to work out their differences in constructive ways. The police become hampered in their efforts because many refuse to cooperate with authorities, and the cycle continues. 
The community becomes alarmed, especially those law-abiding, hardworking residents in the areas where these deadly crimes are occurring. Our young people become alarmed, and they are the ones who should feel most safe. All residents and stakeholders need to come together and work with law enforcement to root out the folks committing the violence, and to help our young people coming up.  We have community schools in Plainfield, which are designed to be a significant part of our community life, and which provide after school and additional recreational activities for our young people--I will be urging stakeholders and community organizations (especially 501 (c) 3 groups) to utilize our public spaces even more to provide their programs for young people--especially those of high school age. I will say more about these community collaborations in a separate post.

On a social media (Facebook) post the other day, someone asked me whether I would "mentor gang members and at risk youth." My response was, "I already do. I grew up around gang violence, I have lost family members and friends due to violence, and it's part of my commitment to them and their memory to do what I can in whatever way I can. It's part of my life's work." And that is how I have always operated. Those who know me know the truth of my life, and the work that I do. 

As the incoming councilwoman at-large in the citywide seat, as a mentor of young people--including those in gangs, as a teacher, and as a community advocate, I will continue to work with all those who seek solutions to the violence that is destroying some parts of our community.

Come out to help our community as we discuss positive solutions. Those who want to point fingers selectively need to instead focus on solutions, because negativity will not help our young people to feel safer, it will not help us move forward as a city, and the jobs that young men and women need will not materialize if businesses are concerned about moving to Plainfield. That, too, can be a vicious cycle.

The administration, our public safety officers, the city council, the school district, and our larger community will all be in attendance. We need to leave the "politics" aside, and really focus. This is going to take everyone--all of us--working together to get it done. 

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