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Monday, December 5, 2016

Plainfield Town Hall: Thursday, December 8 at Senior Citizens Center

From the City of Plainfield:

This Thursday, December 8, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, at the Plainfield Senior Citizens Center (400 East Front Street), Mayor Adrian O. Mapp invites residents to "A Critical Conversation - Questions for a Changing America," a Plainfield Town Hall Meeting moderated by Tara Dowdell, political pundit and principal of The Tara Dowdell Group. The panelists are: Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, City of Plainfield; Ari Rosmarin, Public Policy Director, ACLU NJ; Reverend Damaris Ortega, Pastor, United Church of Christ Congregational; Adriana Abizadeh, Executive Director, Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund; Christian Estevez, President, Latino Action Network; Todd Cox, Director of Policy, NAACP Legal Defense Fund; Ashley Vazquez, Plainfield High School senior.  

There will also be perspectives from other elected State, County and Local officials. Panelists will prepare with the following guiding questions in mind: Is there a reason for concern? If so, why? What are the powers or limitations of the Mayor or Municipality? What can be done locally to protect the rights of potentially impacted residents (i.e. the undocumented, LGBTQ, Seniors, etc.)? What is the difference between a Welcoming City and a Sanctuary City? How deep will the changes be to healthcare and social service programs, and are there options that communities can take to limit the impact? 

Each panelist will provide focus on the work of their organization, and how possible changes on the national level will have a local impact. They will share any strategies their organizations might be contemplating in light of the change in administration, and how local governments, houses of worship, community groups and residents can help shape their work around human, economic and civil rights.

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