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Friday, October 28, 2016

Some People Never Learn...The Very Partisan "Non-Partisan" Plainfield Chapter NAACP

Once again, we see former Plainfield mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs using the Facebook Page of the supposedly "non-partisan" Plainfield Chapter NAACP to promote her candidacy for the 3rd Ward City Council seat. I received a heads-up on the image below, which is on the Plainfield Chapter NAACP's Facebook page as of this writing. This is not the first time that she and her husband, who is the "President" have misused the NAACP name to promote political candidates. The last time was when I was running for re-election in 2014. Peter Briggs stated at the time that it was a mistake--and he was quite offended that anyone would dare to assume that he would do anything untoward. He wrote a response in the comments section of the PlainTalker II blog at the time (Saturday, 5/17/14): Mr. Goldstein, Thank you for the notification that the information was posted there. I was not aware that the information was posted but will take full responsibility for the issue. My apologies go out to all for the lack of oversight. Peter Briggs President Plainfield NAACP 

Here is the post I wrote back then: The Shameful Sham of the Plainfield Area NAACP
Below is part of what was posted on Facebook in 2014, and then deleted. But here, again, two years later, we see them doing the SAME THING. The State NAACP must be quite perturbed at the Briggs/Robinson-Briggs duo for misusing the NAACP organization's name and endangering the non-profit status of this venerable national organization with their partisan election foolishness. Here is what the NAACP says about partisan politics: 

"NAACP units cannot endorse or oppose candidates running for public office, make financial or in-kind contributions to candidates, political parties, or PACs, or engage in other activity that is designed or targeted to influence the outcome of any candidate election." 

And yet, the image above is STILL on their page as of this writing. No wonder their "leadership" of the local chapter has ZERO CREDIBILITY and is still a "shameful sham."


  1. I saw that post yesterday and wondered about it. I remembered the time when Rev. Frank Allen, a Garveyite, led the NAACP branch with integrity, and all the work Al Hester did with ACT-SO. Sad to see it used this way.

  2. Sharon was a joke at the LWV forum and she is still trying to rewrite the history of her administration. She is still a Republican at heart. I didn't trust her then and don't trust her now. We can't afford or need a city paid for training academy for adults. There are many schools in the area to help people get new skills and new jobs. She really is still out of touch with reality. And, like Trump, she blames all of her mistakes on the City Council and our current mayor. Get real Sharon. Shady Sharonda is not coming back any time soon.