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Monday, October 3, 2016

Plainfield is Our City--Public Safety Affects Us All

As an elected official in Plainfield, it is my responsibility to provide representation to the residents in the Second and Third Wards, in particular, as I am the at-large councilor for those wards.* However, my votes on resolutions and ordinances, and especially on the annual city budget, affect all residents, so I view the entire city as my responsibility. Further, I feel that in order to be a good councilor, I should be an active and involved member of the community, showing up at and participating in as many events--all across the city--as my work schedule permits.  

It is my duty to show up at council meetings fully prepared--meaning that I have read my packet, that I have a set of questions ready to ask, to offer insights and input, to vote in the best interest of my constituents, and to deliver a monthly Public Safety report. This evening, I will provide updates, as always, on public safety efforts in our city--including the plans for Halloween patrols this year. 

We have a wonderful city, with great residents--unfortunately, there is a small contingent of individuals who do not believe in the idea of "community" and who wish to perpetrate violence as a way of settling beefs, protecting illegal activities, and who do not care about potential victims of their violence. In addition, guns continue to come into our communities--each month, I report on the number of guns recovered, but perpetrators still manage to get them. Plainfield does not have a gun manufacturing company, so where do the guns come from? Why are they still accessible? Our congresswoman, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, has made strengthening federal gun control laws to reduce gun violence a priority. The recommendations and action items from the report of President Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which I have reported on in the past, are a part of what the Plainfield Police Division is implementing as they complete the accreditation process.

We, as residents, can help--as Director Riley continues to stress: "If you see something, say something." Anonymous crime tips can be reported by calling (908) 753-8477 or by emailing the PPD at 

It is our responsibility to assist the police as they work to keep us safe, and to ensure that our young people, like those pictured above, can enjoy all that our city has to offer in a safe and nurturing environment. It is my pledge to continue my service as an active presence in Plainfield and to provide the same high level of constituent service that my constituents have come to expect from me since 2011, when I was first elected. 

All best,


*As no one filed to run against me in the general election on November 8, I will become the citywide at-large councilwoman on January 1. I will win, barring a massive write-in campaign--highly unlikely.



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