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Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Activities - Public Safety Information

This Halloween weekend message comes from the Department of Public Affairs and Safety. Please note that the Recreation Division's "Trunk or Treat" event in the parking lot behind city hall provides a fun and safe option for our youngsters, rather than the traditional house-to-house trick-or treat experience. The event begins at 6:00 pm and runs until all the candy is gone. I participate in this experience every year, and it is great fun!

The Plainfield Department of Public Safety wishes to advise all city residents to be especially watchful for any signs of abnormal activity regarding Halloween Festivities on [Sunday] October 30 and [Monday] October 31, 2016.

City residents are asked to observe a voluntary juvenile curfew of 8:30 pm on both days. Additionally, parents and guardians are advised to accompany their children during any “Trick or Treating” ventures. It is strongly recommended that those activities cease by 8:30 pm on Halloween night.

There will be extra Public Safety personnel patrolling the city in both marked and unmarked vehicles. Residents are advised to immediately contact the police id they encounter any activity that is a cause for concern. Be assured, both our police and fire divisions will work diligently to prevent or address any challenge to an orderly festive event.

The public’s support and cooperation, as always, is the key component to the success of our mission. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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