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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Queen City Youth Mentoring Academy Graduation

Among the many community events I attended this past week, such as National Night Out, this Friday, August 5 marked the graduation day of the young Plainfielders who were members of the 2016 Queen City Mentoring Academy, an initiative of the Plainfield 
Emcee Det. Michael Lucky with 3 cadets
Police Division. 

Councilman Barry Goode, Freeholder Linda Carter, Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, and I attended this wonderful event, along with the parents, guardians, friends, and other community members. As we work to make Plainfield an even safer community, it is important to point out the positive actions that are being undertaken to ensure that we are doing our best.  

The cadets, made up of girls and boys, demonstrated the drills they had learned, and we watched a video of the 3 weeks of training that they undertook as members. The police officers who volunteered as part of this program, which is now in its 3rd year, are to be congratulated for the mentoring work they have done on behalf of our young people and our community. Below are just a few photos from the graduation. We are a strong community.
Officer Bernel Harrison
Mayor Adrian O. Mapp

Youth Mentor Marelis

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