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Monday, June 6, 2016


Well, folks, it's just about over. The final decision as to whom Plainfielders will elect as their At-large and 3rd Ward council representatives is up to the voters. You will, I hope, take a look at my legislative record, my council achievements, and my attendance record since I have been on the council. Charles and I have been endorsed by Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, Freeholder Linda Carter, Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, Councilors Barry Goode and Cory Storch, the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, and the Union County Democratic Committee. We have been focused on positive results.*
  • My leadership as Chair of the Finance Committee this year led to the earliest budget adoption in recent memory
  • My tenacity as a councilor finally secured passage of Plainfield's Earned Sick Leave Law
  • My advocacy resulted in shutting down a dangerous 4th ward liquor store
  • My commitment to my constituents in Liberty Village ensured that they would not lose their homes
  • My dedication to our youth is why I volunteer for them by leading writing workshops
I have been attentive, present, and deeply involved. I read my council packet every week, and I ask the questions that you, my constituents, expect me to ask. I pull no punches, and honest, ethical leadership is what I have always brought to the table. I am excited to have longtime community activist (and Zoning Board member and former Chairman of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee) Charles McRae, my 3rd Ward running mate, join my colleagues and me on the council so that we can Keep Plainfield Moving Forward.

We are true advocates for all of Plainfield. Vote COLUMN A--All the Way!

*Over the weekend, I received a number of calls, texts, and Facebook messages about the extremely negative and dishonest mailers and handouts that were being distributed in public venues--including at churches (!!!). These were attacks on me, personally and, frankly, beneath the dignity of the office which I seek. It was extremely disappointing to see such desperate measures being used, but I just want to reassure you all that the attacks on me say more about those making them than they do about me. I know who I am and I know the work I have done as a councilor--I take it very seriously. 

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