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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rebecca for Councilwoman-at-Large

This past Saturday (February 27), I was chosen as the Plainfield Democratic City Committee's (PDCC) candidate for the open At-Large council seat in the June 7th primary election. Also chosen was Charles McRae, who will be running for the open Third Ward seat. This year, there was a screening process for candidates, with a subcommittee of PDCC members from all 4 wards, chaired by Joylette Mills-Ransome. Joylette handled her responsibilities with the integrity, honesty, and fairness that the entire Plainfield community has come to expect from her. 

I was chosen by the screening committee based on the scores received on questions put to me by the committee. Each potential candidate was asked the same questions. The committee made their recommendations for each seat to the chairman, who then asked the PDCC whether anyone was in disagreement with the recommendation. No one spoke. Then, he asked if everyone present (and a majority was in attendance) was in agreement with the committee's recommendation, and all applauded and I was given the "line." The same process occurred with Charles, and I am excited to once again have him as a running mate. 

I am hopeful that my leadership, constituent service, and advocacy for all the residents of Plainfield will continue to resonate with Plainfield's electorate and that I will prevail in this year's contest. As a grassroots activist, I will continue to provide the quality of leadership that my 2nd and 3rd ward constituents have come to expect from me. All power remains with the people, and the people who come out to vote will decide.



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