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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Language, Lies, and Histrionics: A Case Study

Just so that Plainfielders are aware of the histrionics and attempted dissembling on the part of Councilwoman Taylor regarding the Earned Sick Leave Ordinance, this item was sent to Council President Rivers and the Clerk's Office on August 26 to be put on the agenda. A letter, written by me, was attached, along with the Rutgers Study. The Council President accepted it. When I double-checked the packet on Saturday (as well as online), I saw that it was not there. I contacted the clerk and the council president about it, and the clerk said it was inadvertently omitted--just a clerical error. It was then added to the electronic agenda, and copies were given to the council at last night's meeting. This was explained fully (the council president tried to pull up the original correspondence to show the time/date stamp)*--yet, Councilwoman Taylor was having none of it. 

When this agenda item came up, histrionic Councilwoman Taylor then turned on the councilwomen (Greaves and Brown) who co-sponsored the legislation, accusing them of "jumping to the other side!" and other foolishness. She then went into a long tirade against me, using such foul, nasty, and divisive language that many in the audience appeared stunned. She insulted Working Families for Plainfield (a group of long-time and home-grown Plainfield residents) as outsiders, and she even managed to insult the mayor because he expressed support for the ordinance. 

Taylor's vindictiveness nastiness is not going unnoticed--the venom which she constantly spews is basically getting all over her. Watch the video of the meeting when it comes on--sadly, this is just part of what makes her such an embarrassment to our city. Her so-called support for "the least of these" does not extend to our lowest wage workers earning a single earned sick hour. For shame.


*I have the original correspondence with the time/date stamp, the council president's acknowledgement to put it on the agenda, and the rest of the correspondence regarding this item.



  1. Hi councilwomen Keep up the good work.

  2. On the issue of sick pay, although I am not convinced that this piece of legislation should be decided on a municipal/city level, it was made very clear in last nights’ meeting that the item was left off the agenda inadvertently by the city clerk. Completely out of councilwoman Williams control. There’s a reason I don’t attend council meetings on a regular basis. The hostility and disrespect that was displayed last night by some council members and the public is beyond comprehension. I agree that councilwoman Taylor is very disrespectful to other council members as well as to the public. Her constant remarks about outsiders leaves me to question if she truly believes that she herself own Plainfield and only people she approve of can move here, work here and voice concern.
    My biggest disappointment was the fact that four council members voted to renew the liquor license for Luis Penaloza /Express Night Club after the police gave recorded statements of violations. In my opinion their actions was a total disrespect to all citizens of Plainfield whether or not they agreed or disagree. When you have police officers and the Police Director stating the place is in violation of rules and regulations and you prefer to ignore it, it’s a clear sign to the public that you are not serious about upholding the laws of the land.
    Unfortunately, job positions and whole departments are sometime outsourced for one reason or another, mostly due to cost savings efforts. It’s just a shame that Bill Nearsted and most of the people that came out to support the Planning department left before the second public comment segment, as did two council members. If some people wouldn’t feel the need to go up to the microphone at every meeting grandstanding and vying for TV time maybe the meetings can move along at a quicker pace and conclude at a decent hour. I do know that we elected Adrian Mapp to be Mayor and we should at least allow him to make decisions without the constant input and negative comments from the know-it-alls. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this, but last night the administration had proposals or plans to save close to 1.2 million yearly between the health benefit changes and the planning board, if this is truthful, then it shouldn’t be to difficult for the administration to provide data to substantiate these claims. Once done, it’s certainly something we should explore.
    All in all, last night’s meeting did not disappoint, the buffoonery was on full display.

    Robin B

  3. I love it when they eat their own.