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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Walk With 32BJ SEIU: The Union Makes Us Strong!

"Labor can never be respected where the laborer is despised." 
--Frederick Douglass, from "Self-Made Men," 1872

Yesterday, I joined Mayor Adrian O. Mapp and the First Lady for the Labor Walk through Plainfield with 32BJ SEIU union members. In New Jersey, 32BJ represents over 10,000
service workers: school maintenance workers, food service workers, office cleaners, and security officers. As we walked, we chanted and spoke of the importance of collective bargaining, keeping unions strong, supporting Earned Sick Days (ESD), the "Fight for $15" living wage, and the right for workers to organize. We received encouraging signs of support form local Plainfielders as we marched along W. 7th Street, Park Avenue, along Front Street, and down Watchung Avenue (ending at the steps of City Hall). As a member of NJEA, I proudly support my comrades! La lucha continĂșa!

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