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Friday, April 17, 2015

President Obama Honors Earned Sick Leave Advocates!

Analilia Mejia, Executive Director of NJ Working Families Alliance, who came to the mic at our Monday night council meeting to advocate for the Earned Sick Leave ordinance, was labeled as an "outsider" by the corporate propagandists and their ilk, is being honored today by President Obama for her work. She was one of the people the council tried to have KICKED OUT on Monday at the ridiculous circus that occurred on Monday night!


As we saw at the Monday night council meeting, the Earned Sick Leave ordinance failed because some councilors were swayed by the interests of unnamed business owners, putting their financial interests ahead of the health and well-being of our most vulnerable low-wage workers. It seemed that we would have had the votes, until Councilwoman Toliver inexplicably changed her vote after some exchange with the council president. Councilwoman Greaves was nowhere to be found. I will bring this ordinance back. 

In the meantime, Analilia Mejia, Executive Director of NJ Working Families Alliance, labeled as an "outsider" by the corporate propagandists and their ilk who came to the microphone Monday night, is being honored today by President Obama for her work. It will be live-streamed from the White House. Click on the link below. 

Ironically, the silly comments that were made by some of the speakers about "outsiders" were the same arguments used by the right-wing and the Tea Party against President Obama.

Obama honors N.J. paid sick leave activist as 'Champion of Change'

Plainfield could have been the 10th City to pass this important legislation, but for the cravenness of individuals--it passed 7-0 on first reading. Well...I will reintroduce it.

Below is a comment that I placed on Bernice's blog after Monday's meeting. I stand by EVERY statement I made:
What is truly sad is that low-wage workers continue to have no protection against the excesses of employers who deliberately exploit them. For those who say the ordinance is an impediment to development: PROVE IT. Do we really want to encourage developers who would not want to come to Plainfield if we have a law to protect workers? Really? Do we really want those kinds of folks here? I would like to think that we want good, ethical businesses to come here--the other kind (speaking for myself) is not welcome. The reason that I could not support the amendment to exempt businesses with 10 or less workers is because that, in effect, would harm the very people the legislation would most affect--the vast majority of businesses in our city have less than 10 workers. That would make the ordinance not even worth the paper it was printed on.

Vera Greaves was conveniently incommunicado, and Diane Toliver uncomprehendingly switched her vote at the very last minute--literally at the last minute.

To Taylor's continued ridiculous ranting that "this is a mess" and the other foolishness she perpetrated last night, I would hope that folks see her exposed as one who does not read what is put in front of her and who then tries to cover it up. This ordinance passed UNANIMOUSLY on first reading. So, I guess we're finding out that Taylor doesn't read her packet, and that she is most responsive to the whims of know-nothing-ism and politics.

That she then publicly bashed me last night AFTER having said on previous occasions that she thought it was good legislation for our city (she said that to me personally after first reading) shows that she remains a craven opportunist and tool of her political mentor, whose fingerprints are all over the "no" votes. Political hijinks are afoot, and the real losers are the exploited low-wage workers of Plainfield. For folks who receive the benefits of earned sick days to contemptuously ignore the needs of workers who do not shows who the real "elitist" is. All the blathering about caring for "the least of these" is just that--blathering. I will reintroduce the ordinance next month--that should give the folks who are against this legislation plenty of time (how much more time do they need?) to propagandize against it. 

That one of the speakers would use the Freedom Foundation's purported "study" to rail against this legislation shows that they will stoop to anything to leave workers unprotected. The Freedom Foundation is a right-wing think tank that bashes unions and doesn't even believe in workers' rights to a minimum wage. I guess the lesson for Plainfield is that, if you go to a business that does not provide earned sick days, and a worker looks under the weather and yet is still serving you, you better hope you don't get sick. And for that worker, the lesson is, you'd better come to work (sick or not) or your family will suffer.

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