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Friday, February 6, 2015

Decarceration Panel Discussion on Tuesday, February 24 at Plainfield Library

I am posting the press release for the Tuesday, February 24 event, Decarcerating Plainfield and NJ Youth, scheduled to take place at 6:00 pm at the Plainfield Public Library, located at 800 Park Avenue.  

Click on the link to the website The New Jim Crow, based upon civil rights attorney and Ohio State University professor Michelle Alexander's powerful expose of the mass incarceration movement in our country.  Plainfield School Board member and local blogger/activist David Rutherford has written a great deal about the decarceration movement on his blog, Plainfield View--click here and bookmark the link.

For Immediate Release:

Contact: David Rutherford (201) 637-3575
"Decarcerating Plainfield and NJ Youth" will be the theme of a panel discussion at the Plainfield Free Public Library on Tuesday February 24, 6pm in the Louise Davis meeting room.
Several local and statewide organizations are joining forces and inviting the public to participate.
Plainfield Keep Youth and Streets Safe (KYSS) which was formed to call for an end to street violence in Plainfield, the statewide Decarcerate the Garden State, Plainfield Peoples Organization for Progress and the Plainfield View blog site edited by David Rutherford who is also a newly elected school board member are joining ranks to bring this discussion to town.
According to a Facebook event announcement, they have joined forces to co-sponsor a panel discussion on the impact of mass incarceration on the city of Plainfield and on the youth of New Jersey.  They plan to also discuss "the need for a unified movement to bring about the end of the destructive system of mass incarceration and the need for youth to be at the forefront of that effort."
This event is absolutely free and open to the public.

Sabrina Lyttleton, a co founder of the Plainfield KYSS organization along with Steven Hatcher, a representative of the Peoples Organization for progress, and Bob Witanek of Decarcerate the Garden State, as well as other possible speakers, will be addressing the audience and explaining their involvement and educating those in attendance of "the heart breaking and astonishing injustices that are the reality today." Ms. Lyttleton states that explaining why and how Plainfield citizens, especially the youth should and can get involved is a priority of the evening.
The organizers also hope to use the event to launch a survey of the youth of Plainfield and beyond about the attitudes, fears, and understanding of the mass incarceration issue.
KYSS founders sound off:
This fight is personal,” says Sabrina.“I’m raising a son in a society that is designed for him to fail. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't fight for his rights? It’s every mother’s responsibility to protect their child the best they can. My involvement in this struggle is me protecting my child."

Nia Ali, who previously spoke at the Tour de Decarcerate, says, “Learning all that I’m learning now….I feel like so much has been kept from me. ….it’s my responsibility to share with the generations after me so they aren’t kept in the dark.”

Amanda Garcia passionately explains, “The Decarceration of NJ is of great importance and has essential relevancy to Humanity. As humans who still exist in society, we should be aware of the negative attributes that have been created before us to deter us from prospering yet to be prosecuted and expressing the magnitude of inequality amongst the uneducated minorities.”

KYSS has a facebook group at:
Decarcerate the Garden State has an active blog site at and a website at and a group on Facebook

Plainfield view blogs regularly on Plainfield issues at:
For more information,s please call David Rutherford, (201) 637-3575 or e-mail Sabrina Lyttleton at

More information on the event is at the Facebook event page

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