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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reflections--The Good, The bad, and The UGLY

I wish everyone a strong and productive new year. Here is a brief "year-end" post, through which I will just list a couple of notable items. The most notable for me in terms of my public service, of course, is that I was re-elected to another 4-year term as a council representative. We saw the historic election of Bonnie Watson-Coleman as the first African American Congresswoman from the state of New Jersey. I was honored to be on the ballot with her.

We saw the election of a new mayor, Adrian O. Mapp, a welcome new development after eight years of dysfunction and incompetence by the previous administration. We have already seen many positive developments from the new administration.

Those who came out to support me in Column E during the Democratic primary showed that you appreciated my work on your behalf. I ran with two wonderful men--Charles McRae and Emmett Swan-- although they were not successful this time, you have not heard the last from these excellent candidates. I know there is still much for us to do, and we will get it done.

My constituents at Liberty Village were able to stay in their homes despite the obstructionist political machinations of those who take their orders from a boss and not the people--I distributed a flier ( with the TRUTH about what was at stake for the residents, who then came to the meeting to watch their representatives in action. Those who could not seem to articulate any reason not to go forward with the PILOT extension (because there was no reason!) changed their votes in the face of public pressure--of course, at the same time deriding me for sending around the flier by saying it was "filthy"--lol.  

Also due to public pressure, the troubled Arlington Liquors in the 4th Ward finally lost its liquor license. You may remember that some of the council members wanted to give this menace to society yet another chance--citing some ridiculous reasons (see  and Public pressure changes things!

We also saw, once again, the silly machinations of Jerry "I Run This MotherF@&ker" Green and his crew. The former mayor attempted to start a blog (primarily to attack me, it seems, since most of the posts did just that), but as with everything, it was abandoned. In posting this video, Green sent out a "cease and desist" letter from his lawyer--suggesting that the video was doctored. The letter ended up in my trash--lol. 


Green stupidly even got Sen. Steve Sweeney to denounce me in a letter calling me, a progressive Democrat, a "Tea Party" person. In spite of all this and more, I was re-elected to a second term. A lot more happened, but you will have to read last year's posts. I posted the general election vote tallies to demonstrate how, in spite of Jerry Green and his team's continued attempts to assassinate my character, I prevailed in the two wards I was running in--receiving more votes than Jerry Green's county candidates. As I stated then,
Jerry Green's stupid election tricks backfired on him, and likely cost his county candidates votes--I am sure they are looking at the numbers. I hope the county powers-that-be are taking notice of how Jerry Green is (not) running the county Democratic party. It's time for him to GO!

Rebecca Williams:      3,743
Sheriff (Joe Cryan):   3,610
Surrogate (LaCorte):  3,613
Freeholder (Estrada): 3,552
Freeholder (Hudak):   3,592
Freeholder: (Wright): 3,611

There's a lot more that I could say (a ridiculous blog--now abandoned--put together by the former mayor to discredit me--lol; the continued obstruction of the council majority in terms of consenting to new appointments at the PMUA; the refusal of the council majority to vote for a forensic audit--in the face of the fraud and corruption that we all KNOW occurred in the previous administration; and much more).

I pledge to you that, in the new year, I will continue to provide the quality representation that you have come to expect from me, that I will support all the positive endeavors of our city, and that I will continue to be my own person. Happy 2015!




  1. Happy New Year, Rebecca. Here's hoping that at the very least, the council will be civil to one another.

  2. Happy New Year Rebecca. Thank you for being the one and only elected official who can be counted on to consistently stand up for the best interest of the people of Plainfield especially in the face of the corruption and dysfunction which are the hallmarks of Plainfield City government.

    Tom Kaercher