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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Four More Years

I was affirmed at last night's council reorganization meeting as the at-large council representative for the Second and Third Wards of our city. Mayor Adrian Mapp offered a strong and positive "State of the City" address at the meeting which noted many accomplishments:  reduced crime and safer streets; fiscal accountability after 8 years of irresponsibility and incompetence under the previous mayor--including reconciling old capital ordinances and reallocating $653,000 for road repairs; and focusing on economic development. Click here to read the speech in its entirety. 

As I begin a new term, I look forward to continuing to serve you with honesty, integrity, and to the best of my ability. 



  1. To the Anonymous Commenter who has issues with my posts--you have quite a selective memory yourself. Perhaps I will post your commentary if you sign your name and take responsibility for your claims.

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for your hard work for everyone in Plainfield. I wish you and the Council good luck and hope everyone works for Plainfield. It's nice to see this administration was able to accomplish more in one year than I recall in the last four years of the previous administration and I can list those "unaccomplishments" that hurt Plainfield and also the very few that helped us. Thanks again.

  3. To the hardest working councilperson during my 30 years living in Plainfield- I congratulate you Councilwoman Rebecca Williams.