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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

Indebted for life/
A moral obligation/
Love and care for vets.

Thanks to all our veterans for their service to our country. Thanks, especially, to those in our city of Plainfield. Today, we will honor veterans at a ceremony at City Hall, scheduled for 10:30 am, followed by a ribbon-cutting will at 12 Noon at the Plainfield Veterans Center, located at 400 E. Front Street. Below is an article from CNN--it offers insight into ways that we can help our veterans with more than the usual annual platitudes. The veterans were asked how they wanted to be honored and, as the story notes, “They encouraged a constant, creative and sensitive focus on veterans' needs, like improving access to jobs and health care, particularly at Veterans' Affairs facilities.”

We can help those service men and women in need of assistance by listening to them and doing what we can to truly honor them in a meaningful way. 



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