The Business of the City: Miscellaneous

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

Indebted for life/
A moral obligation/
Love and care for vets.

Thanks to all our veterans for their service to our country. Thanks, especially, to those in our city of Plainfield. Today, we will honor veterans at a ceremony at City Hall, scheduled for 10:30 am, followed by a ribbon-cutting will at 12 Noon at the Plainfield Veterans Center, located at 400 E. Front Street. Below is an article from CNN--it offers insight into ways that we can help our veterans with more than the usual annual platitudes. The veterans were asked how they wanted to be honored and, as the story notes, “They encouraged a constant, creative and sensitive focus on veterans' needs, like improving access to jobs and health care, particularly at Veterans' Affairs facilities.”

We can help those service men and women in need of assistance by listening to them and doing what we can to truly honor them in a meaningful way. 



Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I want to thank all the voters who came out in support of me (and Senator Booker and Congresswoman-elect Bonnie Watson-Coleman) during the election. Thanks to your overwhelming support, I have been re-elected to a second term. Interestingly enough, for those of you who have been following the silly antics of the so-called "45th most powerful person in NJ politics"--you know him as Jerry "I Run This Motherf&#@er" Green--his "leadership" of the county party cost him votes in Plainfield.

UPDATE: I received MORE VOTES THAN ALL the Jerry Green-backed Union County candidates in the 2 Wards I represent (Wards 2 and 3). 
Here are the vote totals in those wards:
Rebecca Williams:      3,743
Sheriff (Joe Cryan):   3,610
Surrogate (LaCorte):  3,613
Freeholder (Estrada): 3,552
Freeholder (Hudak):   3,592
Freeholder: (Wright): 3,611

Jerry Green's stupid election tricks backfired on him, and likely cost his county candidates votes--I am sure they are looking at the numbers. I hope the county powers-that-be are taking notice of how Jerry Green is (not) running the county Democratic party. It's time for him to GO!


In addition, the team I endorsed for school board--Rutherford, Jeffers, & Bellamy--all won DECISIVELY. Congratulations to you all! 

And, finally, despite the dirty election tricks and lack of support he received from the Union County Democrats, Jerry Green, and the Freeholders (I received no support from them, either, at the behest of Jerry Green), Derek Armstead WON the Linden election and will be the next mayor of Linden, also making history as the first African American mayor of that city. Congratulations to Derek on a hard-fought and hard-won race.

Time for bed!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Jerry Green and "The Deep End"

So-called Union County Democratic Chairman Jerry "I Run This Motherf&%#@r" Green has truly gone off the deep end.

A robocall for his BOE slate that tells voters not to support me? Is he deliberately trying to suppress the Plainfield vote for my fellow running mates, who include Democrats Cory Booker and Bonnie Watson Coleman? What kind of Democrat is he? The bylaws of the UCDC: ARTICLE III. SECTION 3. It shall be the obligation of the members and the officers of this Committee and Democratic elected and appointed officials to support the purposes for which the Party exists, and to work for the proper fulfillment of same and to support those Democratic candidates for election to public office duly nominated in a Primary Election.--Constitution & By-Laws Governing the Union County Democratic Committee.

It appears the chairman has lost his marbles. He is not supporting duly-nominated Democratic mayoral candidate Derek Armstead of Linden, and now he he politicizes the school board race (which is non-partisan) by telling voters not to support me? So much for his chairmanship--he is an embarrassment to the party.