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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jerry Green - Fake Democrat - Is Not Supporting Democrat Derek Armstead of Linden

Although I don’t live in Linden, I felt compelled to comment upon the outrage that is occurring in Linden, New Jersey. Democratic Councilman  Derek Armstead is the Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Linden, and is in Column A, which he won, fair and square—just as I did here in Plainfield, in the primary.

Yet, Jerry Green, the so-called “chairman” of the Union County Democratic Party, is encouraging folks to SKIP Armstead's name on the ballot. Take a look at the mailing that was sent out to Linden voters. Why is Jerry Green working AGAINST the Democratic standard-bearer of the party he is supposed to be chairman of? Was a deal made? I attended a fundraising event on Derek’s behalf back in June, and Green was there. I assumed he was supporting Democrat Derek. 
However, if you look at the mailing, you will see that Jerry is asking voters to SKIP Derek’s name--Derek is in Column A on Line 8, yet this information is obscured on the ballot. Why would Jerry Green do something like this to Derek who, having won the primary, is also poised to make history as the first African American mayor of Linden?

Freeholder Chris Hudak is the chairman of the Linden Democratic Party, and he is on the ballot as well—why isn’t he supporting Derek? This speaks of collusion--it speaks against the Democratic process, and it needs to be called out. I encourage everyone to ask our freeholders, and especially representatives Linda Carter, Mohamed Jalloh, and Vernell Wright, what they think of this sleazy tactic by Jerry Green. 

Is Cory Booker aware of what is being done to divide the Democratic vote in Union County? Is Bonnie Watson-Coleman, who is poised to become the first African American congresswoman from New Jersey, aware of what Jerry is doing? Again, history will be made. Jerry Green is deliberately attempting to suppress the Democratic vote in Linden with that mailing. 

Here, in Plainfield, Green appears to be doing the same thing. He has been telling people that he had "reached" out to me some weeks ago--a lie. However, just this past Wednesday, October 22, I was “invited” by telephone (a call at 9:01 am from one of Jerry Green’s people) to a photo op event in Rahway with Cory Booker scheduled for 9:30 am that morning. Yes, 29 minutes before the event—do you think Jerry Green really wanted me to be at the event?

Green had the nerve to try and paint me, a progressive Democrat, as a "tea party" type. Jerry Green is a tool of his bosses. Now, we see that Jerry Green will do whatever HIS bosses tell him to do. Is he really the head of the Union County party? Or is he just a craven huckster doing the bidding of his bosses? It’s time for him to go. To deliberately work against Derek Armstead—who, like me, WON the Democratic Primary fair and square—clearly shows that Jerry Green will do whatever HIS BOSSES tell him to. What kind of Democrat is Jerry Green? Shameful.


P.S. I will be blogging about my own campaign this week.


  1. You keep referring to his bosses who are they?

    1. The powers-that-be in Union County (municipal chairs who voted for him--knowing that he is so obsequious that he would not rock the boat), and those in the Assembly and State Senate who tell Green what to do. For example, why was he able to get Steve Sweeney (who wouldn't know me if he fell over me) to write such a scurrilous letter accusing me of being a tea partier? Perhaps Sweeney did it as a favor to Green? What was the favor?

    2. And if it was a favor, what was the price?

  2. How can they both be on line A if they are both democrats running for the same office?

  3. Anonymous at 7:30 PM: If you look carefully, you will see that they are not running for the same office. What Jerry Green has done is OBSCURED Line 8A--the line for MAYOR--with Line 9A--the line for Council President. It's as if he wants Linden residents to think that there is no Democrat running for Mayor. Clearly, the objective is to get the incumbent (non-Democrat Gerbounka) another term. Thus, we see the collusion to not support the duly-nominated Democrat--Armstead. Green and Hudak are going against the by-laws of their own party: " support those Democratic candidates for election to public office duly nominated in a Primary Election." --Rebecca

  4. Linda Carter does little to nothing for Plainfield. She bows to Jerry's edicts. Why do you think she would right this wrong? She has her career to think of, and she thinks that career clearly hinges on Jerry.

  5. Anonymous at 3:10 pm: I suggest you contact Linda to get her views on this. As a Democratic Part Freeholder, it is also her role as a member of the county committee to support Derek Armstead. Linda did not openly support me in my primary for reasons that I am unaware of, but I can't imagine that she wouldn't support the LINE A Democrat for Linden mayor.