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Monday, October 27, 2014

Jerry Green - #45 - "Powerful?" - No...More Like Pathetic.

"As Democratic Chairman, the biggest laugh I get, to me it’s a joke, that I do not support all the candidates on column A, when that is my job to do so." --Jerry Green 
So, Jerry Green responded to the TRUTH about his not supporting Derek Armstead for Mayor of Linden with another silly blog post touting the fact that he came in at #45 out of 50 elected officials on a poll. So there are 44 MORE powerful people than Green in New Jersey. 

Interesting…but what Green conveniently ignores is the following, from the Union County Democratic Committee By-Laws: "ARTICLE III. SECTION 3. It shall be the obligation of the members and the officers of this Committee and Democratic elected and appointed officials to support the purposes for which the Party exists, and to work for the proper fulfillment of same and to support those Democratic candidates for election to public office duly nominated in a Primary Election." So, where is Jerry Green’s support for Derek Armstead, the duly-nominated Democratic candidate for Mayor of Linden? I posted what he sent around—deliberately obscuring Derek Armstead for Mayor on a mailer in Linden. Here it is again, at left.

Um...the photo there is of a council candidate--Armstead's name is covered up--deliberately so. I have reached out to Freeholder Linda Carter of Plainfield about this—I urge everyone to reach out to the freeholders about this. If Jerry Green is violating the by-laws of the organization that he (#45) is purported to be the head of, THEY NEED TO CALL HIM OUT.



  1. How can you call out a man who Politicker NJ says has "has instantaneous lockdown overlord ability in his hometown of Plainfield"? What nerve to criticize someone who writes on his blog that he "was able to bring in 1.5 billions dollars to help our children of Plainfield"? And despite the years of experience, the "lockdown overlord ability", and all the money, people are still complaining that the kids don't have enough to do, schools are below average, job opportunities are lacking, the hospital has closed, the streets have potholes, and crime is still a problem. Moreover, luckily for us, our overlord "has never been accused or convicted of doing anything wrong", for which he is proud. So quityergripin, or as he writes, "Unfortunately, I have 20 other owns who support me totally".

  2. I vote pathetic- but what is more pathetic is all the people who know about it, sitting with their their ears shall we say.
    Linda Carter will listen very nicely and go out and do precisely as she is told by #45 or the "Race" card may pop out. The old tricks work. Change comes with our votes. Those who fail to take on the responsibility of getting out to vote must live with the consequenses. A tiny percentage of the people vote, ergo an even tinier percentage controls who is in office. the people with the most to loose are frequently the last to act. like I said the old tricks and hot dogs win when the people fail to VOTE

  3. To Anonymous at 10:35 am: Again, I have reached out to Linda Carter--I cannot imagine that she will let this willful violation of the UCDC by-laws go. I would urge folks to contact her and find out what she is doing about this. I would say the same regarding the other freeholders. Hudak is on the SAME ballot with Armstead--how can he not support him?