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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do the Democrats Support Derek Armstead?

FYI: Interestingly, I am teaching a novel called The Marrow of Tradition, written in 1901 by Charles W. Chesnutt. It is about a group of white supremacists who are attempting to disenfranchise black voters through political maneuvering and campaign tricks. Their greatest fear is having black men in leadership roles in their town. As we move toward November 4, a question has arisen in Union County politics that needs to be answered: 

Does the Union County Democratic Party support COLUMN A Democratic Mayoral Candidate Derek Armstead for Linden mayor? 

Chris Hudak and Linda Carter
This question is being asked of UCDC Chairman Jerry GreenFreeholder Chairman Chris Hudak serves as Chairman of the Linden Democratic Party, and yet his support for Derek Armstead is missing. According to the committee by-laws, the party is supposed to support the primary winner: ARTICLE III. SECTION 3. It shall be the obligation of the members and the officers of this Committee and Democratic elected and appointed officials to support the purposes for which the Party exists, and to work for the proper fulfillment of same and to support those Democratic candidates for election to public office duly nominated in a Primary Election.
Thus far, support has been non-existent, and we have actually seen the mailer that Jerry Green put out deliberately obscuring Derek Armstead’s name on the facsimile of the sample ballot. I have reached out to Linda Carter (our Plainfield freeholder) on this matter. Linda did not openly support me during the primary season—presumably, she did not want to anger Jerry Green, whose attacks on me reached new heights of silliness. That’s fine—I clearly did not need Linda’s support to win (although it would have been nice, as I ran her very first campaign when she was a reform candidate). 

However, Derek Armstead has earned the support of the party--he WON the Democratic primary. He stands to make history as the first African American Mayor of Linden--where is the support among the other African American elected officials in county government--specifically Vernell Wright, Mohamed Jalloh, and Linda Carter? I fully expect that all the freeholders will be on the ground in Linden this weekend, working to get him elected. If they do not, they have violated the very by-laws they were sworn to uphold.


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  1. Perhaps Jerry is afraid that an intelligent black man might get some power and take it away from him (hopefully that will happen if there is a God).