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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do the Democrats Support Derek Armstead?

FYI: Interestingly, I am teaching a novel called The Marrow of Tradition, written in 1901 by Charles W. Chesnutt. It is about a group of white supremacists who are attempting to disenfranchise black voters through political maneuvering and campaign tricks. Their greatest fear is having black men in leadership roles in their town. As we move toward November 4, a question has arisen in Union County politics that needs to be answered: 

Does the Union County Democratic Party support COLUMN A Democratic Mayoral Candidate Derek Armstead for Linden mayor? 

Chris Hudak and Linda Carter
This question is being asked of UCDC Chairman Jerry GreenFreeholder Chairman Chris Hudak serves as Chairman of the Linden Democratic Party, and yet his support for Derek Armstead is missing. According to the committee by-laws, the party is supposed to support the primary winner: ARTICLE III. SECTION 3. It shall be the obligation of the members and the officers of this Committee and Democratic elected and appointed officials to support the purposes for which the Party exists, and to work for the proper fulfillment of same and to support those Democratic candidates for election to public office duly nominated in a Primary Election.
Thus far, support has been non-existent, and we have actually seen the mailer that Jerry Green put out deliberately obscuring Derek Armstead’s name on the facsimile of the sample ballot. I have reached out to Linda Carter (our Plainfield freeholder) on this matter. Linda did not openly support me during the primary season—presumably, she did not want to anger Jerry Green, whose attacks on me reached new heights of silliness. That’s fine—I clearly did not need Linda’s support to win (although it would have been nice, as I ran her very first campaign when she was a reform candidate). 

However, Derek Armstead has earned the support of the party--he WON the Democratic primary. He stands to make history as the first African American Mayor of Linden--where is the support among the other African American elected officials in county government--specifically Vernell Wright, Mohamed Jalloh, and Linda Carter? I fully expect that all the freeholders will be on the ground in Linden this weekend, working to get him elected. If they do not, they have violated the very by-laws they were sworn to uphold.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Jerry Green - #45 - "Powerful?" - No...More Like Pathetic.

"As Democratic Chairman, the biggest laugh I get, to me it’s a joke, that I do not support all the candidates on column A, when that is my job to do so." --Jerry Green 
So, Jerry Green responded to the TRUTH about his not supporting Derek Armstead for Mayor of Linden with another silly blog post touting the fact that he came in at #45 out of 50 elected officials on a poll. So there are 44 MORE powerful people than Green in New Jersey. 

Interesting…but what Green conveniently ignores is the following, from the Union County Democratic Committee By-Laws: "ARTICLE III. SECTION 3. It shall be the obligation of the members and the officers of this Committee and Democratic elected and appointed officials to support the purposes for which the Party exists, and to work for the proper fulfillment of same and to support those Democratic candidates for election to public office duly nominated in a Primary Election." So, where is Jerry Green’s support for Derek Armstead, the duly-nominated Democratic candidate for Mayor of Linden? I posted what he sent around—deliberately obscuring Derek Armstead for Mayor on a mailer in Linden. Here it is again, at left.

Um...the photo there is of a council candidate--Armstead's name is covered up--deliberately so. I have reached out to Freeholder Linda Carter of Plainfield about this—I urge everyone to reach out to the freeholders about this. If Jerry Green is violating the by-laws of the organization that he (#45) is purported to be the head of, THEY NEED TO CALL HIM OUT.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jerry Green - Fake Democrat - Is Not Supporting Democrat Derek Armstead of Linden

Although I don’t live in Linden, I felt compelled to comment upon the outrage that is occurring in Linden, New Jersey. Democratic Councilman  Derek Armstead is the Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Linden, and is in Column A, which he won, fair and square—just as I did here in Plainfield, in the primary.

Yet, Jerry Green, the so-called “chairman” of the Union County Democratic Party, is encouraging folks to SKIP Armstead's name on the ballot. Take a look at the mailing that was sent out to Linden voters. Why is Jerry Green working AGAINST the Democratic standard-bearer of the party he is supposed to be chairman of? Was a deal made? I attended a fundraising event on Derek’s behalf back in June, and Green was there. I assumed he was supporting Democrat Derek. 
However, if you look at the mailing, you will see that Jerry is asking voters to SKIP Derek’s name--Derek is in Column A on Line 8, yet this information is obscured on the ballot. Why would Jerry Green do something like this to Derek who, having won the primary, is also poised to make history as the first African American mayor of Linden?

Freeholder Chris Hudak is the chairman of the Linden Democratic Party, and he is on the ballot as well—why isn’t he supporting Derek? This speaks of collusion--it speaks against the Democratic process, and it needs to be called out. I encourage everyone to ask our freeholders, and especially representatives Linda Carter, Mohamed Jalloh, and Vernell Wright, what they think of this sleazy tactic by Jerry Green. 

Is Cory Booker aware of what is being done to divide the Democratic vote in Union County? Is Bonnie Watson-Coleman, who is poised to become the first African American congresswoman from New Jersey, aware of what Jerry is doing? Again, history will be made. Jerry Green is deliberately attempting to suppress the Democratic vote in Linden with that mailing. 

Here, in Plainfield, Green appears to be doing the same thing. He has been telling people that he had "reached" out to me some weeks ago--a lie. However, just this past Wednesday, October 22, I was “invited” by telephone (a call at 9:01 am from one of Jerry Green’s people) to a photo op event in Rahway with Cory Booker scheduled for 9:30 am that morning. Yes, 29 minutes before the event—do you think Jerry Green really wanted me to be at the event?

Green had the nerve to try and paint me, a progressive Democrat, as a "tea party" type. Jerry Green is a tool of his bosses. Now, we see that Jerry Green will do whatever HIS bosses tell him to do. Is he really the head of the Union County party? Or is he just a craven huckster doing the bidding of his bosses? It’s time for him to go. To deliberately work against Derek Armstead—who, like me, WON the Democratic Primary fair and square—clearly shows that Jerry Green will do whatever HIS BOSSES tell him to. What kind of Democrat is Jerry Green? Shameful.


P.S. I will be blogging about my own campaign this week.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vote for Honest, Ethical Leadership November General Election

Here is a copy of my ballot position for the 2ND and 3RD WARD for the Tuesday, November 4th General election. I am running in the 2nd and 3rd  Wards for the at-large seat in Column A on Line 8 in both wards. I am running on the ballot with Cory Booker at the top of the ticket, as well as Bonnie Watson-Coleman, who is running to serve as our congressional representative. 

As many of you know, I have worked very hard to convince you that you will get the same outstanding quality of service from me that I have tried to deliver over the past four years; you answered my call by nominating me as the Democratic candidate over an opponent who, with his running mates, tried mightily to assassinate my character, all at the behest of his benefactor, Jerry Green. I was successful against the vicious attacks and will continue to serve you, if re-elected. I will be answering your questions at the League of Women Voters of Plainfield Candidate Forum, scheduled for Tuesday, October 28 at 6:30 pm at Emerson Community School. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Remembering Pat Turner Kavanaugh

Having just returned from the memorial service held for my League of Women Voters of Plainfield colleague Pat Turner Kavanaugh, I offer again my deepest condolences to her family and Plainfield friends. I first met Pat over ten years ago, when I became a member of the local chapter of the League of Women Voters. We worked on a number of projects together over the years, and her work ethic and sense of community volunteerism is what I will most remember about her. Her obituary is published on the League's website. Click here.