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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Family Fun Day Rocked!

Getting ready for the Egg Toss
Jeanene Knorr (Crossfit 1280) & Hiroshi Powell (Chiseled Health & Fitness)
Family Fun Day in Leland Avenue Park (also known as Cook School Playground) was a great success, thanks to our Recreation Division (Supt. Roni Taylor and her staff--Nat, Carmencita, Chanel, Ahmad, and Phil), our Department of Public Works (Supt. John Louise, Lester Davis), the Parking Bureau (George and Regina) and the support of the mayor and the governing body.* I also want to thank Nadine and Crystal for the wonderful face-painting--the kids (and a few adults!) loved it. Mayor Adrian Mapp and Councilman Cory Storch also greeted the crowd, and
Board of Education President Wilma Campbell offered words of support for the shared services agreement between the governing body and the school district.

Crossfit 1280 and Chiseled Health and Fitness provided a free workout, along with fresh fruit, to make sure that we sweated off the hot dogs and other snacks. DJ Sunil provided fantastic music, and served as MC for the Limbo Contest, the Egg Toss, and the other games. The Interactive Sports Game Competition left me 0-6 against Cory in basketball, and I was 0-5 in football against my nine year-old competitor. The children were awesome, and were delighted to be presented with medals after the competitions. Below are some additional photos--more will be posted on Facebook, but I thought folks would like a little preview.

Kids and adults having fun
Charles McRae sampling the culinary expertise of DPW Supt. John Louise, Plainfield's hot dog griller extraordinaire!

"Plainfield Children First" BOE candidates Terrence Bellamy and David Rutherford with the young constituents they hope to serve!

*The one sour note came on Friday, when I received word that appointed Councilwoman Taylor wanted her name off the flier and website promotion for this event because, apparently, she said she had not been "invited." How ridiculous. This was a city-sponsored event, and she was certainly aware of it--all council members who sponsor events are a part of the events and are automatically invited--in fact, the governing body should be doing its part in spreading the word about our events. 1st, 3rd, and 4th Ward families came out to enjoy Saturday's festivities. Many of my 3rd Ward constituents who came to our Family Fun Day were stunned by how small-minded the appointed councilwoman showed herself to be. Are we supposed to "bow down" to Her Imperiousness? What a petty, mean-spirited position to take! The template for the 2nd Ward Family Fun Day event is the same template that was used for the 4th Ward Family Fun Day event--I don't remember her saying this when her name was placed on the 4th Ward flier. Her ridiculous posturing speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of her council meeting blathering for folks to "treat each other more nicely." In SPITE of such pettiness, we had a fabulous time!


  1. Pat Turner KavanaughSeptember 22, 2014 at 11:55 AM

    Rebecca: for the record the Cook School Playground is adjacent to the school, and nowhere near the Park.

  2. The fabulous face painters were Nadine and Crystal.

  3. As a 3rd ward resident I am voting for you, Rebecca, but I'm voting for the Republican candidate for the 3rd ward council seat. Ms Taylor just keeps getting more and more ridiculous!

  4. A late posting, but doesn't she use that excuse a tad too much. Get informed or better yet, get lost.