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Monday, August 11, 2014

Ignorance, Foolishness, and Threats: A Plainfield Case (With Revisions)

They have included the home addresses of private citizens of our city--perhaps to be targeted? This foolishness is dangerous and is being investigated.

By now, Facebook is abuzz with the latest ignorance and foolishness by the “usual suspects.” If you look at the flier (here’s Side 1), you will see that they are extremely threatened by me and by Mayor Mapp—that’s the only thing I can imagine. This is also a part of their advance attack on Councilman Storch.

They want to illegally convey property to the Housing Authority of Plainfield to benefit an illegal land scheme to make money for their friends, political supporters, and other various and sundry puppets. I brought their scheme to light, just as I exposed their scheme to put Liberty Village residents out of their homes. Shining a light on that bit of corruption must have really angered them, so now we have this. Further, they have included the home addresses of private citizens of our city--perhaps to be targeted? This foolishness is dangerous and is being investigated.

What is really disrespectful is their opinion of Plainfield residents—they are apparently attempting to distribute it among Plainfielders who live in some of our complexes and in some other areas--I received one from someone who lives on the west side of our city. By the way,  a distressed area is one with higher rates of home foreclosures, unemployment, and poverty. I deleted a reference I made earlier because some people may not understand its meaning and may take unintended offense. It has also been distributed in city hall. I don't know how many other places it has been placed in. They are clearly race-baiting. The purveyors of this trash are too cowardly to sign their names. They think that folks will believe their lies—well, I was RE-ELECTED, in spite of their cowardly, lying, and ridiculous attacks. 

I am used to such silliness by those who want to distract folks by disseminating stupid propaganda and lies about me. What bothers me is that they are attempting to incite acts of harassment, vandalism, or worse by printing the addresses of the supposed malefactors, who are private citizens of our city.
Again, you must ask yourself, who benefits? 

We already know whose fingerprints are on it—a light will shine on those individuals very soon.



  1. What do you expect? Vampires of any ilk hiss at the light. Now that these folks cronies aren't in power anymore, they'll do anything to make you guys the heavy.

  2. Remember, it's a full moon--which believe it or not, always brings out the craziness that some people can usually suppress.

  3. Rebecca...this should not be trivialized as "silliness". This screed is a product of the basest form of ignorance, and ignorance by its very nature possesses a dangerous component. The word "STOP", the dialogue, the names. addresses and pictures are reminiscent of diatribe in Germany 90 years ago. The authors of this circular have lit a fuse. I think it appropriate and necessary to have the appropriate authorities investigate and extinguish the fuse.
    Bill Kruse

  4. Really? Slavery? They couldn't come up with anything more preposterous than this? Just shows how desperate people are and the depths they will sink to. Unfortunately there will be those In Plainfield who will actually believe this. SMH!

  5. Will they be exposed? So much like this has happened in Plainfield and it has been swept under the rug. Can you remember SLB and her questionable spending? Can you remember Dave Wynn and vendor payments? And on and on. Will we know? Or will there be backroom deals made? I hope not. These people need to be exposed. Sooner rather than later.