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Friday, August 8, 2014

A Vision for Economic Development: Groundbreaking on the West End

Plainfield Economic Development Director Carlos Sanchez at Dunkin Donuts Groundbreaking

On Friday morning, I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Dunkin Donuts that will open on the west side of Plainfield, at the corner of Clinton Avenue and West Front Street.* PlainTalker II reported on this back in January of this year--read Bernice's post here. Carlos Sanchez, the Deputy City Administrator in Charge of Economic Development, emceed the well-attended event. 

Mayor Adrian Mapp spoke of his vision for revitalizing Plainfield through economic development to improve our tax base by bringing in more commercial ratables and providing jobs for our residents. Councilors Bridget Rivers and Vera Greaves spoke, showing support for this endeavor. Several members of the administration, as well as a number of residents, attended the festivities, and there were plenty of donuts on hand for everyone.
The owner, Mo Khalid, who owns 16 other Dunkin Donuts in New Jersey (including Maplewood, Hillside, Newark, and East Orange, among others) noted that this location will focus on sustainable, or "green" building, meaning it will feature energy efficiency and will minimize the environmental impact to the area. Click here for an article on Dunkin Donuts' other "green building" efforts. Mr. Khalid expects to have a total of 18 full and part time staff, acknowledging a commitment to jobs for our young people. The restaurant is scheduled to open in approximately eight weeks, barring any unforeseen delays. As you can see in the background of one of the images, construction was continuing even during the groundbreaking. I am looking forward to the ribbon-cutting in October/November. 

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 * The Clinton Avenue Deli and Liquors, whose liquor license was not renewed (I have written about this problematic establishment several times--click here and here and here), lost its state appeal of that non-renewal and will be closing. This is great news, especially for the 4th Ward residents and responsible business owners who had to deal with that menace.


  1. thank you for the update regarding The Clinton Ave issue.. it is a good thing to see them finally gone.

  2. Good news all around! And its about f'n time! That place has been a problem since I moved to Plainfield. Good work to the Council for moving this through. And thanks to Mo for bring his store to this corner. It can use it.

  3. Great new! so what happens to the liquor license? Does the city have the license now or the owner still have it?