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Sunday, July 6, 2014

July Fun in Plainfield

The crowd enjoying the fireworks at Cedar Brook Park in Plainfield--2014

On Saturday, I attended several wonderful events as part of the Independence Day weekend celebration. First, I stopped by city hall to drop my car off before heading over the 91st Annual Central Jersey Independence Day Parade. Under tents erected in the city hall parking lot, I greeted Mayor Mapp, Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman, other elected officials, some of the other parade participants, and city staff. I also greeted Grand Marshal James E. West, Sr., the famous scientist and inventor. As I noted elsewhere, in my previous career in the media industry, I worked as a sound recordist. I also taught Narrative and Location Recording in NYU's Graduate Film School for several years, and always noted the importance of Dr. West's innovation of the electret microphone--and this was well before I moved to Plainfield. It was great to see a scientist and academic being honored in Plainfield for his contributions to the modern world. Dr. West is truly a role model for our young people.
A nice breakfast was donated by Arista Care, after which we headed over to the parade--kicking off at Johnston Avenue and Front Street. The parade started on time and without a hitch. Recreation Superintendent Roni Taylor and her team of Laurel, Darren, Keisha, and a bunch of other marshals--in addition to the Department of Public Works, the Public Safety Division, and the Media Division--all did an outstanding job of  keeping things moving and making sure that everyone was taken care of--teamwork at its best.

Councilman Cory Storch walking with PACHA
Councilman Cory Storch and I walked the parade route (as we do every year), but this year I also had the pleasure of marching with the Plainfield Advisory Commission on Hispanic Affairs (I serve as council liaison to this body), and to help publicize its important mission. This year's parade was well-attended, as opposed to last year's--and I predict that next year's parade will be even better, with more time to partner and prepare. The weather was absolutely perfect! The downside of walking in the parade is that one doesn't really get a chance to see the other floats and performers--the bands, drill teams, the horses, etc. I look forward to watching everything on PCTV--to see what I missed. After the parade, we headed back to city hall, where refreshments were served to all the young people from the bands and drill teams--including Plainfield, Camden, Hillside, etc. The Camden High School Marching Band also performed a routine in the parking lot--wonderful show. David Rutherford has some great parade photos at his Plainfield View bog--click here. 

After leaving city hall, I headed over to Hub Stine Field to watch some of the Annual Plainfield Tsunami Invitational Track Meet. While there, I joined Mayor Adrian Mapp and First Lady Amelia Mapp in cheering on all the young people--there were hundreds of future track stars--who came out to participate. Coach Kevin Turner and his crew have done great work with the youngsters! 

Awesome fireworks display at Cedar Brook Park
Finally, I headed over to Cedar Brook Park to watch the fireworks--my favorite part of the weekend. I always enjoy fireworks--the evening was cool and clear, for a change--not humid! A huge number of Plainfielders turned out to see the fireworks and enjoy ice cream, funnel cake, and sausages. The fireworks display was great--I could hear the squeals of delight from the children--and the finale was awesome. All in all, it was a great day in Plainfield. 



*P.S. Some people have asked me about the summer concert--the concert has been rescheduled to take place in September--this will ensure that there is adequate planning time for the city and the concert organizers! Also, the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders has scheduled a concert in Cedar Brook Park for August--the date is forthcoming.

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  1. The fireworks were great!

    I will also add that this year, I did not hear any music from the festival - which was wonderful. Previous years the music sounded like it was in my backyard. Can you imagine what it must have done to the ear drums.

    Great holiday in Plainfield.