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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

UPDATE: Recreation Facilities and Liquor Licenses

Recreation Facilities
Last night, we heard once again the continued lament about Milt Campbell Field. Although the neglect has gone on for years, it is only recently (the past couple of months) that certain political individuals (in this case, the "Tolivers") have come to the city council to complain about it. I have been on the council for 3+ years, but this has only recently become an issue, apparently. The extremely poor council representation of the First Ward speaks for itself--as well as the general neglect of our parks and recreational facilities by the previous administration. Just by looking at the photos, one can see that the failure of the past administration to properly maintain our city's parks (Milt Campbell Field, especially) has had a long history--years of neglect--the overgrown brush, the rust and broken benches, etc. In addition, the city's pools were neglected to the point that some need new liners and other kinds of maintenance. Luckily, the new Recreation Superintendent (Veronica Taylor) has brought competence, efficiency, and a superior work ethic to the division. Although she has only been at the helm for a couple of months, she has a firm grasp on what needs to be done to counteract the waste and incompetence of the past 8+ years, which resulted in a lack of maintenance of and attention to our recreational facilities.

Liquor Licenses
Thankfully, the city council unanimously voted once again for NON-RENEWAL of the license for Clinton Deli and Liquors--clearly, the continuing poor record of this establishment made anything but another vote of non-renewal hard for even a sympathetic councilperson to seriously consider. We are STILL waiting on the state to render a decision from last year, when we voted not to renew the license. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but I am hopeful that very strong case we made will prevail. Also, the council voted to table the discussion of several other establishments, which also had scores of violations. As Councilor Storch pointed out, we need to impose conditions on these establishments--one had 148 police calls, and another had 119. The amount of taxpayer money used for public safety at these places is a serious concern. One condition to consider would be to have the establishments hire their own security in the form of off-duty police--that way, the city will not have to bear the cost of police resources.


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  1. They should have a police officer depending on the capacity of the place. They can fight saying that not enough people don't come but if you walk into an establishment on a Saturday night it is packed!!! They should be imposed to have police officers so many the underage drinking could stop in Faraones!