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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The People Have Spoken--Thanks for Your Support

I want to thank those Plainfield voters who supported progress in Plainfield by voting for me, along with my running mates, Charles McRae and Emmett Swan, two outstanding men, whose courage and strength were awesome to behold as they entered the public arena for the first time. Charles needed only 28 of the votes that went to his opponent to win his race. That's how close elections can be in Plainfield. My team withstood the negative, gutter politics of Jerry Green and his people with grace. We ran a good race, talked to the voters about the issues facing Plainfield, and the voters returned me to office. For that, I thank you all. 

It is clear that ballot placement is important, as well as having politicians such as Cory Booker and Bonnie Watson-Coleman at the top of the ticket. However, enough people voted against the lies Jerry Green and his candidates wrote about me so that I could emerge as the winner in the wards I represent. 

In the process of running this election, we attracted statewide notice--pulling back the curtain on Jerry Green's manipulation of his council majority--as other bloggers have noted, there might be big trouble waiting in the wings for him after an investigation.

The opponents and their boss, Jerry Green, focused on my perceived shortcomings and attacked me and the mayor, as well as other individuals with campaign material so vile (produced by Jerry Green but approved by Diane Toliver and Gloria Taylor and Charles Eke) that it makes a mockery of their entire campaign. When I wrote about the "Green Stain" the other day, it was in response to this vile material that they carefully circulated.

I will continue to vote ethically and conscientiously and in the best interests of the residents. The people spoke--they will get what they voted for. From all of us.




  1. S. Elizabeth Lattimore-JacksoJune 4, 2014 at 12:05 PM

    Congratulations on your impressive victory. It is a shame that the other wards did not bother to vote. Thank you for caring about the citizens of Plainfield.

  2. The three of you put up a good fight and in all respects the people of Plainfield won by not silencing a strong vocal advocate for bettering our town. This was the first 'New Democrat' campaign I worked on (hard for some of you to believe), and I got the opinion walking the streets and speaking with voters that most of us are aware of the issues: being deserving of a hospital, and working for it; PMUA and its high costs, knowing why they're high, doing something about it, and keeping the city clean; crime, mitigating its causes, maybe even getting to a point we don't need so many cops as we do; economic development that makes for job and entrepreneurial opportunity, a vibrant downtown to go downtown to, a cultural smorgasbord, that offsets the property tax burden; more effective outreach and social services, from assistance to recreational activities; better schools; a brighter face; and the list goes on. Back last October when I began a dialogue with Jerry Green about some of these, I had hopes that we could make some progress by laying down the sword. But I found that he's more comfortable controlling the status quo, calling the shots, advantaging the few, and pulling the strings. That's what he thinks is progress. It's all a marionette thing. It became totally clear with Liberty Village. Lately he's portrayed it as a giveaway to millionaire cronies. That was despite a better agreement that brought more money to the city and guaranteed better conditions and upgrades for the people who lived there. Jerry had his hand out for more, for payback, for getting even, though its likely he hasn't set foot there since Freeholder Green attended the Grand Opening ceremony 30-years ago. That brought out his all, the hand out, the belittling, the deception, the empty promises, the entire "I ain't got all night" of it. Rev. Tracey Brown, who hosted the community meeting in her church, scolded him for his rudeness, and ultimately the City Council relented on its trumped up objections after seeing the proverbial light, a light we still need now and again just to stay even.

  3. Shame on the people in the 3rd Ward. Wait till you see what you get.

    And for the first ward - it is obvious you expect nothing and believe me you will get it.

  4. Rebecca,

    First, thank you for always speaking out and standing up for the interests of all Plainfield residents. Next, thank you, Charles, and Emmett for conducting a campaign that focused on the issues and needs facing Plainfield. Lastly, congratulations on winning your election and retaining your council seat.

    Plainfield is blessed to have you on the City Council.


    Tom Kaercher

  5. Thanks for the good fight, Rebecca. I look forward to working with you as the Ward 2, District 1 member of the Plainfield, Democratic City Committee. You can't force people to vote or ethics on politicians, so the people will get what they voted for. We appreciate you and wish you and Plainfield the best.

    Bob Bolmer

  6. Congrats, Rebecca! Keep on being the voice of reason on behalf of Plainfield. You have done a great job thus far, and I know you'll always stand up for honesty and openness going forward.

  7. Congratulations Rebecca on being reelected in the Primary. Now on to the General Elections. On another matter, can you have your team pick up the campaigns signs around town. After a while they become nothing more than visual litter.

    1. Hey, Siddeeq, thanks. Yes, we've got around to pick up. I drove around again today looking for more. I am hopeful that all the signs are now gone.