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Monday, June 16, 2014


The city council will be granting renewals/non-renewals of liquor licenses  at this evening's council meeting at the Municipal Courthouse at 8:00 PM. The community needs to come out to voice any concerns it may have. 

This year, the police have once again urged non-renewal of the menace's (Clinton Avenue Liquors) liquor license. The council should unanimously support the police position. Any councilor who thinks that the desires of the owners who continue to break the law and allow criminality in their store should outweigh Plainfield's public safety needs to consider his or her duty to the residents of this city.

Last year, not only did the owners allow drugs to be sold and criminality to continue at their store, but they (Naicken and his daughter) were ARRESTED for selling alcohol to a minor and drugs from behind the counter. In our council packets were all the documents--including their MUG SHOTS from the arrests--which I made sure everyone took a second look at.

Unbelievably, several councilors (Reid, Rivers, and Greaves) defended Naicken, saying that he deserved "another chance" and that he was a tax payer in the city. A quick look at the tax records will show that some of those properties were in arrears to the tune of thousands of dollars--but some councilors don't care about whether business owners pay their taxes--many don't care to pay their own taxes in a timely fashion or at all--hypocrisy reigns. It was only because of public pressure that those councilors backed down from the indefensible position they originally took (much like the pressure brought to bear upon them to change their stance regarding the Liberty Village PILOT). Because I made sure that Liberty Village residents came to the city council meeting by distributing a flier, they vilified me--I guess it's okay for them to leaflet the community about their meetings, but not okay for me to leaflet about the council meetings--again, hypocrisy rules.

This is your city--show up to let the council know that you do not want criminality to continue. 




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