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Monday, June 2, 2014

Let's End Pollution in Plainfield!

Let's end pollution in Plainfield! Diane Toliver is having her campaign workers stick absolutely VILE campaign literature (paid for by her campaign and her mentor, Jerry Green) into the doors of 1st Ward residents. We have been receiving phone calls and texts about her filth. 

She and her cronies Eke and Taylor--unqualified, unethical, reckless, and ill-informed--have shown their true colors--negative, nasty, destructive, and doing the bidding of Jerry Green. Show them that you know better--REJECT their filth. On Tuesday, June 3rd, remove the "GREEN STAIN" from Plainfield.

1 comment:

  1. Jerry is GREEN with envy that the New Democrats have the support he craves, the GREEN eyed monster will be more upset upon hearing the election results. He will be GREEN around the gills! The grass surely hasn't been GREENer in Plainfield for a long time, since Jerry has tried to GREENwash (deceptively make practices/policies seem environmentally friendly) in Plainfield for too many years. Now it's time for Jerry Green and his little GREEN men (and women) to hit the trail.