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Friday, June 20, 2014

Congratulations, Woodland Elementary School Graduates!

On Friday, June 20, I was honored to be the Keynote Speaker at the Woodland Elementary School 2014 Graduation. It was a wonderful event, and the earnest and happy faces of the children showed their anticipation of moving forward. After my talk, I was able to shake the hands and chat with each and every young graduate--some told me that they wanted to be doctors, engineers, and most said they would be doing their share of summer reading!--always a PLUS! 

Woodland Elementary School is blessed to have a strong PTO, a strong leader in Principal Shirley Johnson-Tucker, a great staff and faculty, and students who live up to high academic standards. They will now be moving on to the challenge, the excitement, and the hope of middle school in September! What a wonderful group! Congratulations to them all, and to the parents, teachers, principal, and staff!


  1. What can we do to keep this up, because once they hit the middle and high schools, their quality of education goes down. It is great to see their entusiasm, and every one of them should reach their dream. Then comes Plainfield's BOE. It makes my stomach hurt.

  2. I think that the issues with the Plainfield School system are complex--they have to do with a variety of factors--there is no single entity upon whom we can place the blame. The success hinges on everyone working together--parental involvement, encouraging children to read at home, every evening, and during summer and winter breaks, having summer camps focused on literacy and learning, and having all stakeholders (whether or not they have children in the PPD) take a part in educating children.