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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Shameful Sham of the Plainfield Area NAACP


As I wrote a couple of days ago, Jerry Green has resuscitated his greatest failure, Sharon Robinson-Briggs, to enlist her help in getting the vote out for his unqualified candidates. Sharon and her "husband," Peter, President of the Plainfield Area NAACP, have
jeopardized the non-profit status of the NAACP with their partisan campaign foolishness--click here to see the story about their partisan campaigning for Jerry's candidates on their Facebook page--the images were posted by THEM. 
Peter and Sharon's deliberate use of the Plainfield NAACP to promote their (and Jerry's) candidates shows the lengths to which they will go. At the same time, Peter writes, in a comment on The Plaintalker II blog (click here and go to Comments) "... By all means, comment on me personally, critique my organization of the forum, comment on MY personal agenda but do not confuse Peter with the NAACP." How disingenuous. How dishonest. How unethical.   
That Jerry Green (who himself lacks credibility--he is a statewide joke) could attempt to give these folks credibility where there is none demonstrates that he will say and do anything to destroy this city. It shows that Briggs and Robinson-Briggs will destroy the name of a good organization in service of Jerry's agenda. The state NAACP has already been made aware of what they have done--I look forward to the outcome of the investigation. Remember that Sharon was trying to run for president of the State NAACP--she lost by a landslide. Perhaps the statewide area groups knew what they would be in for. It shows that they do not know the meaning of ethical behavior. 

  Jerry the Destroyer

Jerry Green's attempt to destroy the mandate of the Plainfield community shows that he cares nothing about the folks who live here. The councilors who jeopardized the Liberty Village residents with their stalling and foolishness on behalf of Jerry Green and his cronies have also shown the community that they put Jerry Green's interests above their own constituents. This is disgraceful. The willful ignorance and contempt that they have shown for the city is appalling. I guess when Jerry Green gives unqualified people county patronage jobs, the payback is loyalty, and the public be damned. Jerry's candidates will lobby on behalf of "Legal Shield" for their friends for weeks and stall on his behalf as opposed to the best interests of the Liberty Village residents while he "talks to HUD" as "head of housing for the state" (laughable). As we have seen, his unqualified candidates have nothing to offer this community.  



  1. Excerpted from Article II Section 2d of the NAACP's Bylaw for Units:
    "All political action shall be non-partisan and shall not endorse candidates for public office."

    Go right down the line and you see the typical disregard for rules and regulations practiced by this crew. More importantly, the only result we get is the strangulation of a city. Vote Line E. The E stands for emancipation.

  2. Time to bring Jerry to his knees with an overwhelming vote for Line E. If the people of Plainfield vote for this man's candidates again they deserve what they will get, but the rest of us don't! Last chance to make a real change for a long time. Do you want more Ugly? follow the party line in the sand, it leads right to Jerry and his fellow ugly Americans, sitting in a cesspool, under a bridge, with there sticky fingered grasping for your gold coins. Turn them to stone by letting a little sunlight shine on their despicable doings.

  3. And please do not forget they are good Christians. Have a blessed day.

  4. With these candidates Ass Green has proposed, I am ashamed to be an African American. They are the worst of the worst. Carpetbaggers from the old south.