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Monday, May 12, 2014

Jerry Green and His Fake Poll...and Notes on the "Resuscitation"

As I was out canvassing this weekend and attending meet-and-greets across the wards, my constituents kept wanting to talk about the fake poll that Jerry Green commissioned to attack me, the New Democrats, the new administration, and mostly, Adrian Mapp, who has been in office for about 17 weeks. In the push poll, the questions began gently, ranging from "Are you planning to vote in the primary?" and "Do you support Bonnie Watson Coleman?" The questions then moved quickly to the negative, as the loaded questions began-- "What do you think of the mayor adding new salaries in X amount of dollars...?" and "Do you know Rebecca Williams is a New Democrat?" to lies and garbage about Adrian. Some of the "pollsters"--lol--received responses that my constituents said made them laugh out loud. The answer many of them gave to the question "What is the main problem facing Plainfield?" was...

Jerry Green referring to Plainfield: "I RUN THIS M*#&@CKER!"


Jerry Green will, of course, be using the information he receives from this fake poll to shape an attack on me in his upcoming mailers for his hand-picked candidates. Many of the respondents I spoke to across the wards said that his injection of himself into this local city council race showed clearly his destructive hatred for our city. 

First, we received the embarrassing 4-page mailer wherein Jerry Green attacks an administration that had been in place for only 16 weeks! How ridiculous is that? He makes many specious claims about what he has "brought" to Plainfield--we know that Jerry Green is now attempting to "bring" 3 unqualified individuals to the council table--individuals HE picked without any input from the duly-elected Democrats of this city.

Second, Jerry Green failed the residents of Liberty Village with his outrageous and idiotic statements about how he was "going to talk to HUD," how he was "head of housing" in the state, and so on. He said (on video!) that there would be apartments in the city for everyone, and that no one would be homeless. Clearly, it was his intention to have his council members let the PILOT expire--I will leave to others the speculations about what Jerry Green gets out of it.

Of course, Jerry's claims about his power were laughable, as everyone finally saw when they viewed his performance on video. His deliberate attempt to try to get the PILOT to expire and his nasty, bullying attitude--"I ain't got all night to be here!"--showed the Liberty Village residents that he has no power--all he has is bullying--as they also saw when he verbally attacked me outside the church 3 weeks ago. Many of those residents thanked me for alerting them by distributing a flier (which the combatants on the city council tried to say was "dirty" and "nasty"--lol) urging them to attend the council meeting to see the vote.

...Notes on the "Resuscitation"

Green's "vision" is clear--he wants to do nothing but destroy the new administration's vision to move Plainfield forward because he can't control things. Jerry Green's (once again) new best friend, the past mayor, is his true legacy--8 years of failed leadership for her, 22 years for him. He is now trying to resuscitate the failed career of Robinson-Briggs to get his unqualified candidates elected--he has said he made a bad mistake, and that he should have supported Robinson-Briggs for a 3rd term. Imagine my surprise to see private citizen Robinson-Briggs at the Richmond Towers event for Bonnie Watson Coleman. I guess she doesn't need to earn a living, like the rest of us.

Sharon's silly, ineffectual comments and "cheer-leading" had some folks cringing with embarrassment at how she continued to infantilize our senior citizens with the constant, annoying, and patronizing "yays" while someone else was speaking as she rudely kept trying to upstage the elected officials who were there. She had a bagful of campaign literature for Jerry Green's candidates, but was rebuffed in her attempts to put it out. When her friend Hattie Williams gave her the mic to speak, she started blathering on about how one of the candidates was "a commissioner and a chief"--the residents looked mystified, as they had no idea who or what she was talking about (police commissioner? fire chief?). The assemblywoman left soon after.

So, I will end by saying, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing--Jerry's handpicked candidates will say anything to get your vote. You see what they have said thus far.



  1. yes... Beware of Jerry and his hand picked puppets.. Before the primary, during the primary and after the primary...please tell that to all the New Dem's and RDO's who will listen... Tell your fellow leadership in the New Dem's to stop screaming VOTE THE PARTY LINE .... Jerry is going no where when that is the mantra... I like you, support you and advocate for you... Do yourself , the New Dem's and the City of Plainfield a favor and get those in your camp to stop screaming VOTE THE PARTY LINE after the primary... Actively campaign against HIS PEOPLE and HIM after the primary... THAT WILL GET THE Union County Dem's and eventually the State Dem's attention FAST.

  2. Rob--the state party (many of whom keep Jerry Green at arm's length these days) has to see how he has (mis)managed the Union County Democratic Committee as well as the Plainfield Democratic City Committee by refusing to even entertain democracy. He has also managed to alienate huge numbers of Democrats in several cities in his district--Plainfield, Linden, Rahway, for instance--as well as in the county--Hillside and Elizabeth. I am sure he will be dumped as county chairman next year--he has made an absolute mess in the county, as my county friends have been telling me. The videos of his foul-mouthed tirades, as well as his mailers denouncing Adrian and trying to destroy a 16-week long administration that has 44 months to go, are already being forwarded to his colleagues down in Trenton. The ones I already know of have been having a few laughs--"That's Jerry," I have been told--but they also know that for our city's future, this stuff is deadly serious.

  3. Rebecca, I am so glad you wrote this blog. I have lived in this city for many years, and have been confused why Jerry is never held accountable for anything. The New Dems tried to get along, and the New Dems have been blamed for the division. Why isn't anyone blaming the person who truly divides this city - Jerry Green?

    With Liberty Village - who wanted to put off getting a new pilot for the home owners, which would have resulted in their rents becoming unaffordable to them? It is Jerry Green - so why isn't anyone talking about the RDOs who don't seen to care?

    Everyone - repeat after me - Jerry has got to go!

  4. The people of Plainfield are awakening to the fact that the surrounding towns have prospered while Jerry Green has maintained such a stranglehold on Plainfield that the stagnation can only lay at his feet. He blames everyone else--but it was his mayoral pick--whom he had total control in choosing--who has 8 years of failed leadership with nothing but embarrassing ineptitude left in her wake. From his own campaign mailings, Jerry Green says he had no choice in picking Adrian to run for mayor and that he would rather have had Sharon for another 4 years. Jerry Green is the divider, not local clubs like the New Democrats. When I was working to get Adrian elected in last year's primary, he welcomed the dozens of New Democrat volunteers who wanted to work on Adrian's behalf--and now he disparages them and sends ridiculous mailings about his "mistake"--no wonder there is no enthusiasm for his city council candidates; no wonder his headquarters is not bustling; no wonder folks are not showing up. He has bad candidates--why would anyone want to support them if they are HIS picks?

  5. Rebecca,

    For over 20 years, Plainfield has been “Jerry’s World”. As chairman of the Democratic City Committee, Jerry Green has been running the Cit of Plainfield. With very few exceptions, he has personally chosen Plainfield’s elected officials. For example at this year’s Democratic City Committee, Jerry dispensed with the need for a vote on candidates by just announcing his selections. Jerry’s candidates are expected to carry out his agenda. Unfortunately for residents of Jerry’s World, Jerry’s priority always seems to be to spend Plainfield’s resources to gain political points for himself with his bosses in Trenton. The needs of the citizens of the citizens of Plainfield seem to always come in a distant second.

    Plainfield’s dysfunction, corruption, waste and abuse are Jerry Green’s political legacy. Jerry tries to claim he isn’t responsible for the day to day running of Plainfield, but let’s review. He personally chooses the elected officials by giving them the democratic line in the primary and if they displease him by not following his wishes, he replaces them by choosing someone else for the democratic line in their next election. Even in 2005, when Jerry lost control of the Democratic City Committee and thereby the democratic line in the primary, he conspired with the Union County Democratic Party leadership to “steal” the democratic line in the primary for his chosen candidates.

    The June 3rd Democratic Primary is the most important election in Plainfield in many years. With three council seats up for grabs, there is a chance to final break Jerry Green’s stranglehold on Plainfield City Government. With a Mayor and a Council majority working for Plainfield’s best interest instead of Jerry Green’s best interest, there is finally an opportunity to really improve Plainfield for all Plainfielders, not just Jerry and his ‘pals’. We have seen how Jerry Green’s stooges operate. A great example was when Dunn, Sanders, and Toliver gave $1 Million severance of taxpayer money to Watson and Ervin, even though they weren’t owed any money after they resigned from the PMUA.

    20+ years of Jerry Green running Plainfield for his own benefit is enough! But you have to be registered to vote in the Democratic Primary to have a voice. The reality in Plainfield is, IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED AS A DEMOCRAT AND VOTE IN THE JUME DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY, YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT! Over the last 20 years, the winners of the Plainfield Democratic Primary have won the general election! The only exception was the time Jerry Green threw an incumbent democratic councilman off the democratic line in the primary. He lost the democratic primary, but ran as a Republican in the general election and successfully won reelection because he was the incumbent Democrat

    Registration for the June primary closes tomorrow May 13, 2014. Register today.


    Tom Kaercher