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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Community Meetings...Further Notes on the "Rescuscitation"

A resident at one of the weekend's community meetings repeated a mantra from the beginning of the year as she pledged her support for me, for the new Mapp administration, and for Plainfield's future: She said: "If you succeed, we all succeed." Amen.

Yesterday, I attended another one of the many community meetings and campaign events that we had scheduled for this weekend. When I was canvassing in this neighborhood earlier in the week, some of the residents showed me a photocopied flier of the attack Jerry Green made on Mayor Mapp--they were disgusted by Green's "hypocrisy" and "two-facedness"--their words. They had voted for Mapp in overwhelming numbers--he received over 70% of the vote. In contrast, Jerry Green received LESS THAN 30% of the vote in the 22nd Legislative District!   

To have Jerry Green, who only received 30% of the vote, attack a new mayor who had been in office for only 16 weeks, was deeply offensive to these neighbors. They were also angry about the notorious "push poll" that many of them had responded to. Once again, the response to the question about the greatest problem facing Plainfield was: "Jerry Green!" Click here for my earlier blog post: The Embarrassing Spectacle of Jerry Green

Mayor Mapp had also been invited by the community, as they wanted to hear him speak about their neighborhood and about his vision for Plainfield. The mayor spoke about his desire for "One Plainfield," about his challenges thus far, and about his need to have a council he could work with.When I spoke, I talked about my record of achievement in my first 3 years on the council--what I had accomplished, as well as the work still to be done.

My opponent, PMUA Commissioner Eke, was in attendance as well. We all know that Jerry Green went to other people to ask them to run against me on his line, and all declined. I don't know whether Eke was Green's 3rd, 4th, or 5th choice, but he eventually appointed Eke to run (with apparent reluctance, I am told), once again disenfranchising the duly-elected Democratic Committee members, whose major purpose it is to choose the candidates to run on the line. When it was my opponent's turn to speak, instead of putting forth any constructive proposals of his own, he focused on disparaging me--not my record, but me. Only a couple of residents in the community knew who Mr. Eke was, and although they tried to ask him about his vision, he offered them nothing. He made no case for his own candidacy. As the meeting ended, it was clear that voters were unimpressed with Eke--he had nothing substantive to say. Their snickers and head-shaking as he spoke clearly demonstrated that they weren't buying what he was attempting to sell. 

At this meeting, it became clear to me how my opponent, PMUA Commissioner Eke, was going to attack me--he was going to attack my support for the new vision of Plainfield--basically attacking my support for the new mayor. He also tested a bizarre and ridiculous strategy that went down like a lead balloon. I was making a statement on property taxes and declining ratables in the city when Eke interrupted--"Ask her where she lives!" he shouted, "She has two addresses!" The audience of residents looked confused as to why Eke was imploring them to ask me that question. They know me, and they know where I live--my 2nd Ward address is published on the city website. They are also aware that I co-own another property--a property on which the taxes and outrageous PMUA rates are paid on time. As he continued talking, I realized that he was trying to insinuate that I couldn't relate to the homeowners that we were speaking to. I wondered as well if he wasn't taking the opportunity to disparage renters in the city.I pay my bills and I pay my taxes--his conduct was shameful. 

Further notes on the "Resuscitation"...

Best friends: "Stagnation" and "Failure"...back together again.
Meanwhile, the resuscitation continues. I hope voters realize that what Jerry Green wants is to ensure that the city stagnates. His LITERAL embracing of the greatest symbol of Plainfield's legacy of failure (at right in a photo taken a couple of weeks ago) should be enough for you to vote AGAINST his hand-picked candidates, who are closely aligned with these two relics. Truly, they represent the politics of the past.    


  1. Great blog, Rebecca. This election is so important. It will dictate whether this city goes forward and thrives, or stays mired in quicksand.

    What Jerry Green has done to this city, and his pride in it is sickening.

  2. The picture makes me sick to my stomach.