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Friday, May 30, 2014

Cease and Desist! (From Telling the Truth?)

So you may have heard by now that Assemblyman Jerry Green is threatening to sue me (his "lawyer" sent me a silly cease-and-desist letter) for exercising my First Amendment right to highlight the fact that, regarding our beloved city of Plainfield, Jerry Green said "I run this motherf@cker!" in an angry exchange during last year's election. Jerry swears he didn't say it and, of course, he foolishly said so because he didn't think I had seen the video. It's clear that the lawyer hadn't seen it. Usually, Green's intimidating tactics are the type witnessed in the video, but now he's trying to intimidate through empty threats of legal action. Pathetic. Below is the infamous exchange, and here is a link to the entire thing, posted on The Plainfield View Blog. I will discuss Sweeney-Gate (lol) later!

 Proof that it absolutely was Jerry Green in the famed video

Warning--the video contains Jerry Green's extremely colorful language!

I will be sending this to his "lawyer" tomorrow. LMAO.



  1. But Rebecca, it was doctored. It was edited. It isn't really Jerry on the video, it is a stand in. It isn't his voice, it is dubbed.

    What is scary is that people actually believe this. In this day and age, and with the technology we have, it is easy to tell if something is edited or doctored. Oh, but I forgot, when it comes out that it really is Jerry, it will be because of the New Dems/Tea Party group who paid someone to lie for them. Silly me, I keep thinking that Jerry is an adult, and as an adult accepts responsibility for his actions. Hey Jerry, did you extend that PILOT program yet - Oh head of Housing and Everything else?

    What a sad, pathetic man.

  2. If you take the video off your blog, I will have my lawyer slap you with obstruction of justice!

    Thanks for all you do.

  3. political bosses around union county have proven their selves true a-holes. I am going thru the actions of proving that on freeholder hudak down at the county, where he is destroying not only the county but linden as the democrat political boss of linden. As freeholder, he cant serve two masters at once and it shows. And one difference is hudak is just a punk and one tenth a real person Green shows to be. Regarding another a-hole political boss: hudak created a new division in county govt just to give mayor colleen mahr a job. We all know she is the vice chair of the union county reg democrats and the fanwood political boss, (and has been known to drop the F- bomb). They funded her new job and division by taking $1 million out of the county paving budget (after the worse winter in decades). When you ride down the county streets of Plainfield think of fanwood "mayor pothole's" new job as your rims get bent

    You have the "new democrats" as challengers, linden now has the "true democrats", the county "regular democrat" party should wake up and recognize that the real problem is themselves. As a democrat I am embarrassed at the regular democrats and how they turned into just a bunch of self serving bullies with no leadership among any of them. They are simply not democrats.

    BTW, good luck with your election.

  4. Somebody should be looking into whether the sworn affidavit from Mr. Williams constitutes perjury, and whether its procurement might constitute subornation of perjury. One would think that an ordained Deacon might subject himself to a slightly higher standard. At the very least, it makes him look foolish in the face of the evidence posted by David Rutherford.