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Saturday, May 31, 2014

BOSS Jerry Green and BOSS Steve Sweeney--Just Say "NO!"

The unconscionable attempt by Jerry "I Run This MotherF@&ker" Green paint me as some kind of "Tea Party" individual reached new heights in a mailer in which he pulled the Senate President down to the gutter to denounce me. South Jersey "Boss" Steve Sweeney, the so-called Democrat who sold out the unions (including mine, the NJEA) to Chris Christie--attached his name and "reputation" to Jerry's smear-filled attack on me.

Sweeney wouldn't know me if he fell over me. Whatever "favors" Jerry Green called in to get Sweeney to involve himself in this local race must've been BIG! We will see after the election. Many of you have already called, emailed, and tweeted Sweeney to voice your displeasure at his know-nothing attack on me--a teacher and progressive Democrat who has been active in my community.  Here's a brief resume of my credentials:

  • Democratic Councilwoman of Plainfield (Wards 2 & 3, At-large)
  • Ward 2 Democratic Leader and Committeewoman, Plainfield Democratic City Committee 
  • Founding Member of the New Jersey Chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America
  • Founding Member and former Chair of the Bayard Rustin Progressive Democrats (2004-2007), a grassroots organization focused on LGBT inclusion in Democratic Party
  • Member and Former Officer of the League of Women Voters of Plainfield
I could go on, but I will stop here--I have work to do in getting out the vote to end the gridlock caused by Jerry Green's attempt to continue his stranglehold on our city. 

I hope that on Tuesday, June 3rd, you will support COLUMN E and 


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