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Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Events in Plainfield

Mayor Mapp with owners Terrence and Arlene and the staff of "Just Turkey."

This was a pretty full weekend in Plainfield, with numerous events on hand. On Saturday, I joined Mayor Mapp at the grand opening of Just Turkey, a new business located at 638 South Avenue, just past Berckman Street. The event, with a live band playing, was celebrated with champagne toasts, delicious cake, and samplings of what Just Turkey does best--we had turkey chopped barbecue, turkey salad, turkey wings, turkey burgers, and more. Just Turkey also serves traditional breakfast fare, and is open from 6:30 - 9:00 pm. Below are some photos!
With Alicia Lam at "Just Turkey"
With Plainfield Advisory Commission on Hispanic Affairs

Mayor Mapp then headed over to Shiloh Baptist Church to participate in their annual "Kings in the Kitchen" fundraising event. 


 The mayor served up buffalo wings, while Charles McRae, my 3rd Ward Democratic running mate, dished out his fabulous banana pudding--Charles took home 1st Prize in the dessert category! 

Celebrity Chef Vonda McPherson of the incredible Vonda's Kitchen also participated in "Kings in the Kitchen"--her shrimp and grits were amazing!

On Sunday, the Plainfield Soccer Club opened its season at Rushmore Park. Here, teams from a number of countries--Guatemala, Barbados, El Salvador, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic, to name just a few--gathered on the field on this beautiful day to prepare for a season of great sportsmanship, collegiality, and fun! Mayor Mapp welcomed the teams and reiterated his commitment to recreational opportunities for all of Plainfield's residents. 


I was able to say a few words as well, and the crowd responded enthusiastically to the news that the Plainfield Advisory Commission on Hispanic Affairs (PACHA) has finally been reactivated. PACHA President Flor Gonzalez graciously assisted in translating, and Mayor Mapp and I each got to perform an opening kick for the season!

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