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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Supporting Our Youth in Plainfield!

Basketball game at Stillman School--Sigma Community Enrichment Initiative
On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Sigma Community Enrichment Initiative's (SCEI) 2nd Annual Dance-A-Thon fundraiser at Stillman Elementary School on West 4th Street. For the event, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (Chi Sigma Chapter, 21st CCLC) partnered with Plainfield Public Schools and the Roselle Public Schools. The day started with a Zumba Warm-up, followed by the dance-a-thon. Also, "Healthy Living/Healthy Eating" workshops took place every hour on the hour, and free refreshments (healthy sandwiches, salad, fruit, water, and juices) were provided to all attendees.

While at the event, I ran into one of Plainfield's Finest--Lt. James Abney, who also serves as the city's Coordinator for the Office of Emergency Management. Lt. Abney, a Sigma, is also familiar to many as a member of the Planning Board and as the public safety liaison for the Plainfield United Block Association. I was especially pleased to meet Roselle Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Kevin West, who (in addition to his outstanding educational background and leadership) is well known for his work in the Sigma Beta Male Mentoring Program.

In addition to the Dance-A-Thon, there was face painting, basketball, and other youth activities enjoyed by Plainfield's young people through the mentorship of the Sigmas. It was great to see the collaborative spirit among the youth as well as the adults! 
Finally, it's not too late to make a donation to this vital community enrichment organization--click here to learn more about SCEI and to make your donation!

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  1. Ms. Williams,

    I am a Special Education Teacher at Washington Community School during the day and I work with Sigma Community Enrichment Initiative - SCEI in the evening. The children in Plainfield mean a great deal to me and to our organization. SCEI started 17 years ago as a vehicle to impact the lives of disadvantage youth in Northern NJ by providing mentor services and enrichment activities that will change their lives for the better. I am extremely honored and humbled to work with such a distinguished group of professionals who are committed to impacting youth.

    Thank you for seeing the vision and donating your time to the residents of Plainfield and our organization. We are here to assist you in your efforts to educate and empower youth in any way we can. "Our Cause Speeds on its Way!

    Kind Regards,

    Jenabu C. Williams, MPA
    Executive Director
    Sigma Community Enrichment Initiative

  2. Thank you, Mr. Williams, for all that you and SCEI do!


  3. Hope this great event finds its way to the Star Ledger and Courier. It is a great story to show Plainfield's community spirit, diversity, and love of kids.