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Monday, April 21, 2014

Improving Life for Liberty Village Residents

The politics of misinformation, denial, and obfuscation on the part of some of the councilors have resulted in a mess. The future of the residents at Liberty Village lies with those simply shed crocodile tears, wring their hands, and who would rather see them remain in abject living conditions versus those who believe that all Plainfielders deserve a good quality of life. I am hopeful that the councilors who voted NO on this project (Greaves, Reid, Rivers, and Taylor) will respond to community pressure--it's clear that they don't respond to common sense.

Given the unbelievable and embarrassing animosity that Councilwoman Rivers displayed toward me for merely suggesting that Mr. Abdul-Haqq had a 1st Amendment right to speak during public comment, as well as the disgusting display of Councilwoman Greaves (who says that she doesn't get paid enough) yelling at a constituent who had the temerity to suggest that she (Greaves) is paid to read and analyze the information in her council packet, I am hopeful that my colleague, Councilwoman Brown, who (along with Councilman Storch and me) supports the proposal to continue the PILOT with the prospective buyers, will be able to convince them--along with Taylor and Reid (who also voted NO for no reason I can ascertain) to vote in favor of the prospective buyers, who have agreed to the terms to improve the lives of the residents at Liberty Village.
I will be at the meeting as well. I hope it is productive, and not simply another effort to obstruct progress in our city by playing politics with the lives of our residents for the gain of profiteers. When that happens (as is happening all too often), the residents suffer.

No matter what happens, though, the council will still get its $9,000--even though Councilors Greaves and Reid don't think it's enough for the "work" they do on the council.


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