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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Disfranchisement of Democrats and the Will of Jerry Green

Once again, Jerry Green has disenfranchised the duly-elected members of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee. As everyone knows, the Plainfield Democratic City Committee members are elected by the 68 Democrats in Plainfield's 34 voting districts to have a voice in choosing the Democrats who will run on the line for the council seats. 

At Friday night's meeting, they had neither a voice nor a vote. When I ran 3 years ago, the same thing happened--no vote was taken to see whether the committee supported the incumbent, or me, or the other candidate. Green invited the three candidates to make a pitch before the committee, and then he (not the committee) announced HIS choice for council. This time, even more egregiously, Green announced HIS endorsements as a done deal--without a vote by the committee. His candidates then stood before the committee and made little speeches. Of course, they didn't mention the fact that the line had just been given to them without a vote. And then, oddly, as an afterthought, Green invited me to say a few words. I guess this is his version of "democracy"--lol. 

As I said during my few minutes, the committee people can support whomever they'd like during the primary. They can support me, a Democrat. Keep in mind, though, that Jerry Green and his ilk will try to paint me as something other than what I am--that's their stock-in-trade. 

Green always tries to suggest that anyone who does not adhere to his "party line" is not a real Democrat. I will remind folks that a few years back, Jerry Green chose to support Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama for president. Also, when the late Frank Lautenberg had the RDO line for his Senate re-election, Jerry Green supported Rob Andrews,and worked on his behalf through that endorsement. Andrews, who has been so deeply mired in an ethics scandal that he decided to resign from Congress, lost that primary battle. 

So, what's good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander! Green can support Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama, and he can support Rob Andrews and not Frank Lautenberg, and yet he still attempts to paint anyone who doesn't fall in line with his iron will as not being a Democrat.

It's interesting that last year, when Jerry Green asked the committee members (here and in the other municipalities in our county) for their votes to make him Union County chairman, he was counting votes--he made sure he had their support. I guess votes counted then!

But when it comes to the local council races, the committee is voiceless and, thus, powerless. Now, I am not "whining" because I didn't get the line--I didn't run on the line the last time, and I was successful. What concerns me is that the duly-elected Democrats were disenfranchised and didn't have the chance to vote for the candidates of THEIR choice. Maybe I would have gotten some votes, maybe not--we will never know. Further, Green then has the TEMERITY to expect them to work for candidates that they have had no role in choosing. That is the height of arrogance! 

Again, Democratic committee members can support whomever they'd like during a primary, and I hope they will look at my record as a strong and progressive Democrat who has served as their advocate during my time on the council and who has consistently focused on honest, ethical, transparent leadership. I don't owe anyone anything, and I have remained independent, just as I said I would 3 years ago.

That said, I am thankful for the support of those committee members who have pledged to work on my campaign. I am the best candidate for the 2nd and 3rd Ward At-large, and I will be continuing to demonstrate that during this campaign season. 



  1. This attitude of control on Green's part goes back many years. Here is a Plaintalker post on the subject:

  2. "Vladimir Putin's got nothing on me!" Something Jerry Green would say, talk about stifling democracy. Well we'll see on election day, he picked the wrong Democrats!

  3. Uh Oh, Bernice. Expect a call - you're going to get yelled at!!!

  4. Hmm...I wonder what the Star Ledger would say if they caught wind of this given their recent article on February 26:

    The head of the Democratic party in Union County said today Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp “jumped the gun” in endorsing Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman for Congress and has urged the party’s other municipal leaders to fully consider all the candidates.

    I especially like this little excerpt:

    "I want to at least give them their (municipal chairmen) chance to have input in the process," Green said. "That's why I have not endorsed anybody."

  5. Exactly, Anonymous at 10:44 pm: "'I want to at least give them their chance to have input in the process,' Green said. 'That's why I have not endorsed anybody.' So it's okay for other chairs to "FULLY CONSIDER ALL THE CANDIDATES" and to "GIVE THEM THEIR CHANCE TO HAVE INPUT IN THE PROCESS," but local duly-elected committee members are NOT ALLOWED to have a voice or a vote! I understand completely--I guess that's how Jerry Green thinks democracy works. Perhaps someone ought to introduce him to the constitution!


    P.S. If the 68 duly-elected candidates want to work on my campaign, they are welcome to--we work hard, we have fun, and we will get it done.