The Business of the City: Miscellaneous

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Housing Authority of Plainfield Thanks New Democrats Community Service Team

Plainfield Housing Authority Director Randall Wood sent along this gracious thank you letter to thank me, Mayor Mapp, and the New Democrats for Plainfield Community Service Team of volunteers for hosting our annual holiday party for the children of our community and for providing gifts and donations to make this past Christmas a special one. Again, it could not have been done without the contributions made by you, the caring and wonderful residents of Plainfield! Thank you so much!



  1. Whose interests does Joanne Hollis represent, the Housing Authority or the residents? Are these potential conflicts ever considered? I'm all for people volunteering their time and energy, but sometimes you can't wear two hats. I think the same was true with Hattie Williams, who sat on the HAP and was also the head of the Richmond Towers resident association.

  2. I don't see a conflict here. Ms. Hollis lives in one of the housing developments--she didn't receive any gifts, money, or any other benefit from this volunteer event put together by our community service team. The only folks who received anything were the kids of Plainfield--they got toys and other gifts, along with pizza, juice, water, and cupcakes.