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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Very Special Meeting

The Acme Windows truck in center background. I guess he is stuck.
Bernice's Plaintalker II has a story she wrote Wednesday about the upcoming Special Meeting (scheduled for Monday, August 26). One of the items, which deals with a layoff plan, falls under the category of "exigent circumstances," in my opinion, so it is important to settle this. However, the other Special Meeting item is one that was already voted on--just 3 days ago, and yet has been placed on the agenda as well for a "re-vote," with no explanation. The vote to allow the night club Los Faraones to hold another 3-day festival (within 2 months!) of liquor, beer, food, and rides under the dubious umbrella of a "cultural festival" failed, as it did not receive the requisite 4 votes. I posted the following comment to express my extreme displeasure--this sets a bad precedent, in my opinion, and upends the whole idea of representative government and the notion of being a duly elected council member:

Heineken Fest.

I guess that a council vote is NOT a council vote. The vote to allow Mr. Garcia to hold his 2nd three-day festival within 2 months failed. Apparently, the will of Mr. Garcia outweighs the will of the council. How is it that he has more power than the council? He can just have the council hold a special meeting to "re-vote" in his favor. This is unconscionable. I guess that for any vote that fails, all the business owner has to do is whine about it and then the council will hold another meeting so he he can get his way. Why, then, am I given a vote on the council? If the petition from 15 business owners whose livelihoods are negatively affected by Mr. Garcia's profit-making "cultural festival" is ignored, and a failed vote can be taken within a week to produce Mr. Garcia's desired outcome, what exactly is the point of being a duly-elected member of the governing body? Mr. Garcia is clearly a more effective councilor than I. For the city council to ignore the other 15 tax-paying business owners to grant Mr. Garcia's wishes smacks of favoritism and special interest. I find it appalling. 

It makes a mockery of the council, in my opinion. A filthy, garbage-strewn, urine-filled
Heineken fest later that evening.
dump of a parking lot--that's what the other tax-paying businesses had to face in the wake of his last event. I guess my question of what kind of city we want to be has been answered.


  1. Rebecca, If you are going to assume a role of Don Quixote in OZ you must understand that reality leads to frustration. Of course you must not stop jousting with those windmills; there will always be small victories and occasionally public opinion will prevail.

  2. Doc,

    Unlike Don Quixote, I live in the realm of reality--at least most of the time--lol. I believe that city government can be structured as the "art of the possible" and can function in the realm of the possible. I feel that we are at a liminal moment in our city's history--we are heading for a decisive moment, and what happens next will determine our foreseeable future. I think disillusionment is a good thing--it will help us move forward.


  3. I guess the fundraisers and private parties for the mayor and her special interest groups has paid off for Mr. Garcia!

  4. For those people who care and love the children, can you imagine the decibel levels that their little ears are being exposed to?