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Friday, July 5, 2013


Rebecca you are the worst council person that have ever served
Rebecca as the Devil Incarnate
on the Plainfield City Council. You do not have the residents of plainfield best interest at heart. When is your term up so i can campaign like crazy against you. Go back tothe hole you came out of. Plainfield deserve better

 Above is a comment I received on my blog post from yesterday (Thursday, July 4), wherein I noted that several questions regarding the Independence Day contracts remain unanswered by the administration--specifically, by Mr. Berry, the City Administrator (who must approve everything and has presumably seen the back-up documentation for contracts worth several thousand dollars of taxpayer money). That documentation should have been submitted at the time the discussions on vendors were occurring. Anything less is a failure of fiduciary responsibility to the residents. 

My questions are pretty simple--where is the backup documentation/history on these companies? How were they chosen or were the contracts bid upon? What other events of this size have they produced in the past? It is 10:41 am as I write this. Some folks have suggested that I am being ignored and purposely "waited out" because there probably is no additional information on the vendors I asked for. After the fact, I will receive notice that "We will do things better next time." 

Well, folks, it's YOUR money. 

I would urge you to contact your city council representatives as well as the administration and ask them for this documentation. I would suggest that you file OPRA requests for this documentation. I have several other issues of concern regarding checks for THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS that were written to private entities for FOOD. In viewing the June 2013 check register, there are thousands more...for FOOD. If you want your taxes to remain high because this administration wants to purchase food for every occasion, do nothing. 

As several constituents have told me--the busy food kitchens here in Plainfield (run by Shiloh, Grace Episcopal, and others) clearly demonstrate that folks are in need of food--some of the people I know who go to the kitchens are working folks who pay our high taxes and yet still just can't make ends meet--so, for the mayor to spend thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on cakes and other meals is unconscionable. Our city will be much better off when she is gone.



  1. Why do you have "white horns "? Some one ccould think that that is racist.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA--good one, Doc. Anyone who would read that into this image obviously would not know my challenges with "Paint" in Microsoft Office. Obviously, race has nothing to do with making sure that the residents receive the best "bang" for the taxes they pay. What I am requesting is the same thing I ask regarding other vendors--whose specific race/s I am not aware of. Anyone who would make this a racial issue would be constructing a false argument to obfuscate the lack of fiduciary on the part of the administration. I voted on these contracts because my "assumption" is that the administration ensured us that everything met our standards--however, the additional info that I am requesting is not forthcoming, for some reason--despite repeated requests. Taxpayers who have contacted me about this have a right to be angry. I am their representative, so any stonewalling or ignoring of my requests is frankly an affront to you.



    2. R Rebecca, of course I am kidding. I wish there were 6 others on the Council as totally committed to eradicating City fiscal mismanagement. But politics is politics and often the cheek is turned. No you will not win a popularity contest if you stick up for what is right.

    3. Rebecca,

      As I wrote to you yesterday, I really appreciate your efforts to demand that due diligence is being done before spending tax payer dollars on any City expenses. The blatant inefficiency and waste by the City Administration and its departments, the schools, and the PMUA with total disregard for the prudent use of tax dollars is an ongoing outrage. It is the reason that a number of citizens have reached-out to the Governor and the NJ State Comptroller for help in dealing with this abuse.

      Thank you again for standing up for tax payer interests. It would be nice if your peers on Council would do likewise.


      Tom Kaercher

  2. Dear Councilor Williams,

    I have been a resident of Plainfield for a little over three years and its because of your commitment towards sound fiscal responsibility and transparency in our City that I myself have become active in civic organizations. Anyone that would take offense to your intelligent due diligence is obviously oblivious to matters that are germane to all residence of Plainfield. Keep fighting the good fight because your cause is a noble one.

    Thank you !!!


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  4. To Anonymous at 11:24 am:

    I deleted certain references in your comment before posting because of names mentioned. I have been made aware of the reasons. I will publish this portion of your comment:

    "You may not get any answers, but I am confident that there will NOT be a next time.

    When is your term up, so I can campaign like crazy to get you re-elected!"

    Thank you for your confidence--I will be running for re-election in next year's primary--Tuesday, June 3, 2014.