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Monday, June 3, 2013

PMUA Workers Are Being Told Lies

"To be led by the thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen."
"To be led by a liar is to ask to be lied to."
Mayor, "Million Dollar Baby" Eric Watson and other friend

A blog post that I wrote last week has led to a number of PMUA workers coming to me to complain about the forced furlough days that have been mandated for them. In that blog post, PMUA Furloughing Front-Line Workers: Unconscionable, I noted that the workers, who do not get paid much (some make only about $10/hr), will be losing a week's pay to support the $1million gift settlement that PMUA commissioners awarded to the resigned/retired executives Eric Watson and David Ervin in an engineered backroom deal. 

Malcolm Dunn led the charge, and now the workers are paying for this sweetheart deal. Why would Dunn and the other commissioners be so generous to these two on the backs of the workers? Why is Dunn so hostile to the idea of the workers organizing a union? Why has Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs remained absolutely silent on the week's pay that the PMUA workers will have to suffer to pay off her friends? She continues to evade that question, just like she evaded the candidate forum.

When Dunn came before the council last year, he suggested that the WORST thing that could happen at the PMUA would be for the workers to organize a union--which might have protected them from having to pay for Watson and Ervin's $1million gift. And the mayor, as usual, has remained silent about the workers' pain. However, given the conversations I have had, the PMUA workers understand who their real enemies are. 

I am a straight shooter--I have never lied to the people of Plainfield and I will never support the unconscionable acts of those who would literally take food out of the mouths of working people to pay off the greedy and selfish individuals who are exploiting them for political and monetary gain. 

I will again quote Councilman Storch's comment, made at the April 9 council meeting:

"The worst enemies of the front line workers are the PMUA commissioners themselves."

I urge everyone to vote for Adrian Mapp for Mayor, and put an end to the foolishness (and incompetence, waste, fraud, and mismanagement) of the past seven plus years.

All best,


*Quotes by Octavia E. Butler

1 comment:

  1. Dear Councilman Mapp,

    While you're hard at work getting back that $1 million, how about getting the commissioners who have stolen $100,000s in illegal compensation to return their ill-gotten gains, and removing those individuals who have and are still on the Board?

    Your constituent,

    Alan Goldstein

    P.S. Can we also get some straight answers about the Inter Local Agreement fraud that commenced in 1998?