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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

City Council Town Hall Meeting TONIGHT


Wednesday, June 19, 2013 – 7:00 PM

Jefferson Elementary School

1750 West Front Street

Our final town hall meeting is scheduled for Wednesday (THIS EVENING) at Jefferson Elementary School, located at 1750 West Front Street, in Plainfield's 4th Ward. These informal meetings offer you an opportunity to meet with all your council representatives and to share your thoughts and concerns about our city.
The atmosphere is more convivial than that of the formal meetings of the governing body, and there will also be representation from the administration to take questions. All topics are welcome, from economic development, PMUA, code enforcement, public safety, the fate of the Muhlenberg campus, taxes, etc. Please come out and make your voice heard--we are here for you. I hope to see you there!
All best,




  1. really Rebecca you dont even care about the 4th ward please stop


  2. To "Anonymous at 10:11 am,"

    I find your comment ridiculous, and those who know me would agree. I am fascinated by how you spend your time--I guess it is a fulfilling use of your time to write an ad hominem attack in an anonymous comment, demonstrating as well your grammatical deficiencies and highlighted by an inability to use punctuation.

    I spend significant amounts of time in all wards of the city. Why would I not care about the 4th Ward? What is wrong with me spending time in the 4th Ward? Why would I not want to be there, when it is a part of the city? I get constituent calls all the time from the 4th Ward, and I go and visit the residents and I call them in. Most recently, speeding along S. 2nd St. and W. 3rd St, vandalism, drug offenses, abandoned homes, code enforcement violations and a stronger police presence are what the residents contacted me about. I take calls from anyone who contacts me, and I try to get their issues attended to or resolved. I have attended every town hall meeting, including those in the 4th Ward. I have not seen you there.


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  4. To Anonymous at 11:31 am, I deleted the portion of your comment that names specific folks. What I will say to everyone is that each ward has 3 councilors elected to represent them: one ward councilor and two at-large councilors. That is a total of three individuals elected to represent your interests. Our contact info (telephone, email, and address) is listed on the city's website--please share with everyone in your neighborhood:

    Here is your comment, posted below: "What is really sad 10:11am is that you never mention ___ or ___, who are supposed to be doing all the stuff Rebecca commented on above. Or are you concerned that Rebecca does care about the 4th ward, and may bring about changes!!! Which I am beginning to understand, is exactly what certain people (perhaps like you) do not want to happen. By the way, do you live in the 4th Ward? And if so, what have you done lately to make it a great place to live?"