The Business of the City: Miscellaneous

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sharon Robinson-Briggs: LIAR

Why the bold, declarative title, you may ask? Well, the mayor's "truthiness" has long been in question, but this weekend, one of her supporters provided me with a plastic bag of the mayor's current campaign literature--much if it FACT-CHALLENGED, and with ONE BIG LIE about me. The mayor wrote that her opponent "allowed a Councilwoman to publicly INSULT our Veterans, causing them to leave a City Council meeting in disgust!" This LIE by the Mayor, of course, is referring to the March 2012 council meeting, wherein she rudely challenged my patriotism and my Christian beliefs, leading to me receiving hate mail from all across the country. My father was a veteran, my grandfather was a veteran of two wars, and I have many, many relatives and friends who served (and some who are currently serving). Her pathetic attempt to cast me in a bad light failed. The TRUTH of what happened is that Alex Toliver, who misunderstood my stance on pledging the flag, appeared at the April 2012 Council Meeting and publicly apologized for his mischaracterization of me and happily acknowledged my strong support of veterans. So, the mayor can tell all the lies she wants. Now that she has been publicly acknowledged as "Loser of the Week," I suppose we will be seeing more of her inaccurate and desperate mailings.