The Business of the City: Miscellaneous

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Mayor's Abuse of Authority

The mayor of Plainfield has done it again—broken the law, that is.  Her "honor" had "Emergency Parking" signs illegally placed on meters in one of Plainfield's municipal parking lots in an outrageous abuse of power. The city council did not (as the law dictates) approve the use of our lot for the mayor’s political gain (nor would we!). In addition to stealing revenue from our city for her campaign use by preventing shoppers and other citizens from being able to park and pay the meters as they attend their errands, the mayor apparently decided that theft of the city’s parking revenue was within her powers. It is not. 

This is a blatantly illegal use of Plainfield Police Division resources, as well as being a violation of election law. To state that there is some sort of “emergency” at the rear of a nightclub where she is hosting a campaign fundraiser for her re-election is reprehensible.  Breaking the law is something this mayor has done before, as everyone knows, but to demand that these signs be placed in the lot so that spaces could be "reserved" for her campaign contributors demonstrates extreme contempt for the residents of Plainfield as well as for the law itself. The mayor, like any other resident of our city who wants to hold a private event, is required to come before the city council to ask for a permit to waive fees, and she would have to pay the fee. Plainfield residents may remember that just recently, the city council upgraded fees for the use of our lots by private entities. The mayor vetoed this ordinance, but through a council override, the fees were increased. 

Apparently, she decided that she did not have to adhere to the law, and decided to forgo the lawful process of applying for a permit for her personal campaign event. This is most egregious when one considers that she is supposed to uphold the laws of our city, not deliberately break them for her personal gain, compromise the division of public safety, and endanger the careers of those city workers who were forced to participate in any deception. I believe that the city council should censure the mayor for this willful abuse of authority. She remains an embarrassment to our city and has absolutely no  credibility. She should resign the position she has brought such shame to.