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Saturday, November 10, 2012


UPDATE: I had a telephone conference call late yesterday afternoon (Friday, 11/9/12) with our Director of Public Works Eric Jackson and Supt. John Louise. The 10:00 am conference call they had with PSE&G resulted in the following: 
91% of Plainfield has been "re-energized." There are 1706 meters (meaning subscribers/homes) to still be done. PSE&G states that the balance of our city will be restored by Sunday, and they are sticking to that timeline. 
Regarding those streets still without power, including Cushing Road, Cushing Place, Oxford, Oakwood, upper area of Prospect, 1700 block of Myrtle (Myrtle has power now--Saturday, 11/10), Garden Street, Mayfair, Hillside, Madison Ave., and some others.
PSE&G said that the city's DPW crews cannot go in until they (PSE&G) go in to remove certain trees in each of those areas that still contain live wires. This is a safety measure, and the crews are waiting for PSE&G to do its work. 
That is the reality of what PSE&G said--the PSE&G field supervisors are doing the assessments of what is safe and not safe. Several streets that were mentioned are on the above list. Again, I know that is no comfort to those of you sitting in the dark and cold, but PSE&G will be working this weekend to get the rest restored.
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